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Why I Support Obama

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 11 July 2011

Why do I support President Obama? The answer is simple... Because I care.

I care that Americans are suffering from a lack of food and shelter.  I care that Americans are suffering from a lack of decent or no healthcare.  I care that so few in our Congress seem to care that millions of people are out of work and have families to take care of, while they attempt to drive home their own social agenda instead of creating jobs.   I care that we are fighting two wars, and the way out is hazy. 

I am no different from millions of other people from all parties who care about America as a whole.   We need to come together as one and remember what is at stake for the millions of Americans with no voice.  It's up to us to make our voices heard.

I find myself in the position of my own party being the ones who are obstructionist.  I find my own party pushing a social/religious agenda instead of passing legislation which will create jobs.  I find my own party willing to wreck our economy for perceived political gain.  I hope it all explodes in their faces.

So, I support President Obama for re-election in 2012.  Because I care.

And Obama cares. I really think this is going to be the X factor in the race. People will just be too afraid to pull the lever for whomever the Republican candidate is, but they'll know Obama won't work to gut social programs. 


Exactly....Obama cares about the social safety nets which keep people alive in this country.   The Republican party is starting to show signs of desperation, IMO.  People see it and don't want any part of it.  I said this years ago, and I say it again....The GOP will have to self destruct in order to rebuild as any sort of party of the American people.
BTW, who are you?  You're name isn't showing.

I'm your worst nightmare.

No, I'm John Martin. Looks like we found another bug! Check for my name again just to make sure.

I thought it was you....I know my nightmares when I see them. lol  The missing names is on my list for you...and it's growing.  lol
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Weird. I can't see my name right now either. That only happens on Internet Explorer, for some reason (you are using IE, correct?)

One more excuse for you to switch to Chrome or Firefox!

[quote=Suzi LeVeaux]

Exactly....Obama cares about the social safety nets which keep people alive in this country.   The Republican party is starting to show signs of desperation, IMO.  People see it and don't want any part of it.  I said this years ago, and I say it again....The GOP will have to self destruct in order to rebuild as any sort of party of the American people.
BTW, who are you?  You're name isn't showing.




Obama is the worst President we ever had. He doesn't know what we are doing in Libya. Unemployment is still high, over 1000 companies and unions are seeking a Health Care exemption, inflation is starting to rise, gasoline prices have doubled under him, Gitmo is still open, we are still in Iraq,..... he has no clue. He is a clown President.

Wow, what? You, sir, really need to get informed.

Whether Obama is the "worst President we ever had" is certainly a matter of opinion, but so far I don't think he's even close.

"Health Care Exemption"??? Seriously -- do you even know what that is? It is an exemption to one small part of the health care law in order to not move employees into higher out-of-pocket plans.

Gasoline prices have doubled? Seriously? Dude, they peaked in 2008 even before Obama was elected. 

Inflation has been pretty stable, but in this the Fed is between a rock and a hard place. The usual tool for reducing inflation is to raise interest rates, but right now in order to help make lending easier (in order to stimulate the economy) interest rates are very low. Ordinarily we would see much more inflation under such rates but we aren't because both banks aren't lending as much and companies and consumers are unwilling to spend as much.

Oh, you're right about Gitmo and Iraq. Are you opposed to us being in Iraq and Afghanistan? I know that many Democrats are.

The U. S. Treasury will have sufficient funds to pay Social Security and Veterans benefits for the month of August 2011.  So the head of the Social Security Administration was questioned as to how these benefits would not be paid (Obama had threatened to stop Social Security payments on 3 Aug.).  The committee found that Social Security does not have the authority to issue checks.  The Social Security checks are issued by the Treasury Department headed by Timothy Geithner.  Even Geithner does not have the authority to not issue Social Security unless he is directed by President Obama to not issue the checks.  Pres.Obama alone will be responsible if Social Security checks are not issued starting on August 3, 2011.  Every senior citizen and every American should work to remove this tyrant from the White House in 2012.  Had enough change yet?  

Why do you care so much about Veterans benefits? It's social welfare and a redistribution of wealth. I would think that you would be against such things.

I must compliment you, Robert...Your copy and paste skills are improving.  I looked around for this, and lo and behold, the only places I find it are on right wing sites...word for word.
It turns out this prounouncement was stated by Mark Levine..darling of Fox News, Right Wing Talk Radio, and the Tea Party.   Levine supposedly said this on Atlanta talk radio.

BTW, Obama didn't "threaten" anything....he said he couldn't guarantee.  There's a big difference.


Hello all,  I am from the "other" Party (dems) , and I have been reading this site since it started.  I just want to say how much I admire you guys and gals on here to buck your own party.. not much of that these days.. As a Democrat, I don't mind  compromising to get stuff done.. but as you know.. this "new" GOP has gone off the deep end.  In order to have a functional democracy we need two moderate parties.. otherwise the system does not work right.. I would love to see a Republican  that i might disagree with on some issues, but be reasonable on some issues and be reasonable and respectable ... We need this to have a  functioning country.. Someone like a Dwight Eisenhower who warned of the military industrial complex and protected social security .. but at the same time understood fiscal conservatism.  Hell, even Barry Goldwater was a true conservative.  I have a friend who is an ardent Tea Partier and I try to debate him but everything i say is liberal lies and that i am making things up ... Even when i bring up facts to him.. You can't reason with these people..In fact we agree on everything else but politics but can't be really great friends because we have such large shouting matches!!  I even brought up Goldwater with him and his "Consience of A Conservative"  and he did not even know what i was talking about.. He said that is not real conservatism... Anyways.. maybe becasue he is really young and what was told to him he keeps spouting.. But this really scares me.. not just for me but the future of our nation... When Michele Bachmann is considered a "serious" candidate!   I am very very worried about my in-laws and parents.. they rely on their ssi and disability payments...The President is truly the only adult in the room left standing.. hopefully this gets resolved quickly!  Thank you guys again for being a voice of sanity.. we need more patriots like you..  Glad I could finally register on the board.. I don't know what took me so long.. Maybe i am a little shy... Anyway's hope you don't mind this lifelong Democrat from coming on here and joining the discussion!  Thanks for listening!!!  I hope i added this message to the correct forum! Thanks!


Mike in Las Vegas

and I am a HUGE sci-fi star wars fan!

Mike-thanks for visiting our site. We may not represent a huge portion of the GOP but I think we will continue to grow as the Republican Party shifts more and more to an extreme "we won't compromise" entity. If the Tea Partiers were true to their core, they'd be supporting President Obama right now. He-yes the Democrat- offered up a $4 trillion deal to address the debt (that thing Tea Partiers say will hurt their children & grandchildren) and what did the Republicans do? They rejected it in favor of a smaller plan (closer to 1.5 Trillion.) This shows what we all knew. They really don't care about the deficit and they care more about appeasing their big donors-not allowing even a penny tax increase-than the future of this country. In fact, McConnell's plan allows for zero spending cuts as long as Pres Obama takes all responsibility. They are so blatant about the fact they'd rather see Obama fail than do anything positive for this country. President Obama called their bluff and Tea Partiers refuse to see the truth and how they are being used to keep tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. While I don't agree with everything the President has said or done (i'd rather see a focus on jobs vs. the debt and do we really need SS and Medicare changed?) but President Obama actually cares about the health of our nation and his willingness to compromise and moderation was what attracted me to him in the first place. He was the first Democrat I voted for and I have no regrets. I am ashamed of my Republican Party and I'm on "leave" until they straighten up!

Hello ! I  am excited to see that the RFO is still  supporting our President. I have not posted in a long time but I am a long time member for at least almost 3 years.  I am more of a blue Dog demoncrate if you will LOL--- I am concerned about both party's postion on the issues that matter. It seems like the democrates needs a back bone and a good solid strategy to move our country forward; on the other hand, the reupublicans are being very reactionary to everything the President is doing.  I can not clearly identify a viable Republican candidate as of yet who will be willing to support a policy that will help the American people. I thoroughly enjoy reading the discussions. I hope the discussions heat up and create a buzz  as the 2012 race is nearing!  

Hello Latrece-- we welcome all here, even Blue Dogs such as youself. Thank you for stopping by  to say hello. This will be a tight and very interesting race indeed.

Wake me when they start talking about something meaningful . Like ending that TRILLION war on drugs that has and never will meet a single mandate. Or how about that 25 billion a year being wasted housing prisoners in our federal penal institutions who have done nothing to anybody. Then lets talk about bringing us into another war, as if 2 wars weren't enough.  And now he was to spend another 2-3 RILLION dollars?

The people want a STRONG leader and Obama just dosn't fit that bill.

He "don't"? ???

The war on drugs is a failure of the Obama administration???   Of all your baseless and bizarre statements, that may just be the winner!!  Fact check time again, Robert....

As for "25 billion a year being wasted housing prisoners in our federal penal institutions who have done nothing to anybody."  I have no earthly idea what you are talking about!!

FYI, we are not at war in Libya.  Geez.

Way to go Suzi, Kelly, & John!  Sad thing is, the Tea Party crowd seem to have difficulty processing factual information.  It is likely a result of watching too much Murcock propaganda.  Sorry if that was a tad judgemental.

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