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Bachmann's Husband... Don't Go There!!!

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 17 July 2011

Have you heard the growing whispers about Michele Bachmann’s husband... the speculation that the candidate’s rabidly anti-gay hubby, Marcus, is a closeted gay man?  If you haven't, you will!  The unfounded rumors have taken on a life of their own, and are spreading like wildfire, becoming the source of jokes and gossip outside of the mainstream media.

Michele Bachmann has long been one of the most aggressive anti-gay crusaders in politics, while Marcus runs a Christian-based therapy clinic which uses “reparative therapy”, a controversial counseling technique... based on the idea that you can "pray away the gay".

Michelle Bachmann has stated that involvement in “the gay and lesbian lifestyle” is a life of “personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement”.  Marcus Bachmann has compared curious youth to “barbarians” who must be “educated” and “disciplined".

Here we have a potential candidate, and her husband, who are firmly anti-gay based on their religious beliefs, and all but dares anyone to attack that position.  Which is what is happening now... and is likely to grow if Bachmann's poll numbers rise.

In the land of the radical religious right, what will be the reaction to the suggestion that Marcus is the very thing he has long devoted himself to fighting?  The more she and her husband are attacked for what they consider a core religious belief, the more she will consider herself to be right, and that she is being attacked for doing God's work.  Among devout evangelicals, ferocious attacks, including people "bearing false witness" against you, are considered a badge of honor.  Bachmann has already pointed to religious bigotry as a source of her political opposition.  “I was attacked repeatedly for my religious faith, and the media was a willing accomplice,” she told the Minneapolis Star Tribune of her 2006 House race. “I’m really disturbed by the media’s lack of tolerance and understanding for the belief of a committed Christian.”

The more personal the persecution of her husband gets, the more likely it is to strengthen Bachmann's belief in her position and convince her that God put her where she is.  “Most social conservatives agree with her about the homosexual issue", asserts Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, saying “Not only is it not going to phase her, it will build sympathy for her among her supporters and admiration that she doesn’t back down".

I don't care one bit about Marcus Bachmann's sexuality.  It's a non-issue and has nothing to do with governing our nation.  Don't do it... don't go there... unless you want to strengthen the resolve of Michelle Bachmann, and increase the likelihood of her winning the GOP nomination.  That would be a real insult to moderate Republicans everywhere.

This stuff will hurt Bachman in the general election (if, God forbid, she gets that far), but really seems to help her with primary voters.

Here's another one: the Bachmanns recently left their anti-Catholic church.  Wonder how this brewing controversy will play out.

I am a little confused on the issue with Mrs. Bachman's husband being gay? are there definitive proof that her husband has been in a gay relationship or is it just rumors?  it is posiible that if she is attacked about her husband being gay that it could "GATHER" the sympathizers and strengthen her support system beacuse she will come across as the warrior fighting against  "ALL ODDS" .  On the other perspective, I don't think people will be as concerned about her husband's sexually as they will be about his character. How can you live one way of life but preach another way of life?----- do you see real evidence that her base will be strengthened remarkably over this debate? If that is the case then I guess maybe it should be a none issue?  I am still amazed that she is considered a viable candidate? what has happen to our political system that you have people who never proved any real evidence that they are a viable candidate for the position at hand NOT can they fire up the base! The Presidential race has become about who is most popular in each polical group, not who is more qualified! I am saddened that our polical system has been reduced to poltical  ploys and wo has a way with words.  Sad state?  am I being too pessimistic?     

As I said, latrece, it's unfounded rumors...but they are taking on a life of their own.  I agree character is a much more important issue, but who can figure out the mindset of the far right?? 
Firing up the base seems to be the goal, especially with the Tea Party style candidates.  And the more mainstream candidates are afraid to alienate that base, so it's a Catch-22. 


hmmm!!  well Suzi I hope this fire dwinddles soon if  that is the case.  I hope this election process is not railroad by this accusation. I am sure some of the Tea Parties and extreme right would love to use this issue to fire up the base!!!  I guess there is a delicate balance regarding how to attack some of the extreme ideologies.  Suzi what is your projection or thoughts on how this election process will proceed?? do you think some of  the Tea parties or extreme conservatives will pull lots of tricks out of the bag during this election?  How can we as supporters continue to help President Obama??  what are some of the members from this site doing in their spare time or private life to support Obama?? ( I know everyone here is doing a fabulous job!). I would like some tangible ideas on what others are doing to support this election process.  I see the phenomenal networking and great discussions that goes on here!  I pray that the hard work here pays didvidends towards the election process! 

At some point, this was an elaborate Jon Stewart bit that morphed -- or contined to morph -- into a political news story.  There was a viciousness in Stewart's bit (with Jerry Seinfeld) which struck me as a ruthless but proportionate response to the harm Mr. Bachmann does (with, I imagine, Bachmann's  public likening of gays and lesbians to "barbarians" creating the license for a hard retaliatory strike).

I am more concerned that it became part of "serious blogosphere" political dialog (if "serious" can actually be used as a modifier for blogosphere politics.)  Comics have a license to say the unsayble, but to be sure rules for "the unsayable" are becoming harder and harder to identify.

I am glad you posted this caution.

I saw the Jon Stewart bit, and it was funny.  But I'd actually been hearing (reading) rumors before that...the bit just gave the rumors wings.  I don't want to post the basis for those rumors, as they were baseless and tasteless. 
I agree, as you can tell, it doesn't belong in the serious discussion of politics, for many reasons.  I hope we will proceed with caution.  Thanks for recognizing my reasons for the post.

I realize these are all just rumors, but Mr. Bachman does fit the profile of a "closet homosexual." Just as many gay individuals who have been taught that "gay is wrong or evil" have hidden behind the title of clergy or become active church leaders, many have hidden behind the conservative movement. Can we say Larry Craig to start with? How many examples can YOU name? I'm sure many do this to avoid the temptation of acting on their true feelings, but some do this as a cover to distract from the secret affairs. Not sure Mr. Bachman fits either of those categories or if he is gay, but the topic deserves attention because it is wrong for anyone to deny who they are or who they want to love because others tell them they are evil or "barbarians." I saw a quote recently: "If God hates gay people, why does he keep creating so many of them?" Should this factor into the presidential election? No. There are enough reasons to make sure Bachman does not become President. But it's a topic worth exploring as more and more people-including Republicans-are open to equal rights for everyone, despite sexual orientation.

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