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It's Not Too Late to Compromise

By John Martin - Posted on 18 July 2011

Oh, Republican leadership. I don't know who does your polling or who you go to for advice, but right now you're on the wrong side of the tide. You stood up for the uber-rich, only to find out that "job creators" maybe aren't as popular as they once were (you know, when some were actually creating jobs).

Truth be told, the country isn't falling down in praise with how the President has been handling the debt ceiling situation, with about as many disapproving as approving. But too bad for you, that's where the so-so news ends.
66% of Americans thing a budget/debt ceiling deal should include tax increases. That should be enough to bring you to the table. Assuming you've lost all your ability for rational thought, here's another one for you: 55% of Republicans would like to see tax revenues as part of the final package, as well as 53% of Tea Partiers. Tea Partiers!

The worst part about how you've handled all this is that now you'll probably get a lot less than you could have. President Obama offered $3 in cuts for every $1 in revenue increases. (When Reagan negotiated a similar deal with congressional Democrats, the ratio was reversed.) The President even offered to stand up to the liberals in his own party and raise the Social Security retirement age to 67. You were too busy getting yelled at by Grover Norquist that you passed up a win-win deal. Once Obama showed that he was more serious than you were about tackling the deficit, your primary concern became not letting him outflank you.
Right now, all signs point towards Obama winning the political battle. With 85% of voters wanting you to compromise on a deal here, your priority should be in cutting your losses, and stopping the bleeding before more people wake up to how immature you're behaving.

I'm new to this website/blog, so I apologize for saying what I'm sure many other Americans have already said, but I'm shocked, pleasantly surprised, and perhaps even a little incredulous that there is a sizable enough Rebublican population that can write so critically about its own party.  I am an independent who cannot understand how politics got to the point where all speaking is rhetoric and all opinion is biased.  I plan to share this site with as many of my politically conscious (but these days, exhausted) friends who are have virtues which are at times Republican, at times Democrat, and who are increasingly feeling alienated by both parties.  Thank you for your work!  Now if only there were a Democratic version of this site that offers a liberal self-critique...

I agree and all signs point to the possibility of something big in the next few days. After rumors today that a big bargain was near that included big spending cuts but no new revenues, panic spread among progressives only to be calmed with a few tweets stating that President Obama was still insisting on a balanced approach. Not sure how this will all work out but I think this article is correct: Obama should keep thinking big. He has the upper hand, Boehner needs Democratic votes (certainly can't count on the tea baggers) and polls show Americans want compromise and a balanced approach.

Obama ran the debt up to over $14.3 trillion tax dollars that is rising above debt ceiling. Obama is not serious about cutting the debt. This President is only interested in spending more money on wasteful government programs.

The American people are not fooled by Obama's  speeches and distortions of economic facts.
And we are insulted by the life style he and his wife are leading and rubbing in our faces.

You have to borrow more money when the economy is in recession, and the government cutting spending during a recession is a really bad idea.

Obama's lifestyle isn't any different from any other president, so I don't know what that has to do with anything. Like any executive, he has a salary and an expense account. And a lot of things he has to pay for out of those, they are not provided to him for free.

Heh -- I feel the need to quote a letter I saw in the newspaper the other day: "When a Republican uses the phrase 'The American People' I know it doesn't mean anyone that I know."

I wonder how much attention Robert paid to the "lifestyles" of Bush 1 and 2, or that of Reagan.  It's the American President for heaven's sake, and can hardly be expected to live the lifestyle of middle America.  Come to think of it, didn't these same people disparage President Obama when photographed wearing flip-flops, saying it was "unpresidential"???  *sigh*

I wonder if Robert knows the first family has to pay for their own food, unless it's a state dinner????

It's the same with people saying we should stop paying Congress. While that may be a "feel good" step, it wouldn't really do any good at all in the long run. The rich Congressmen could keep on keeping on, and the ones with more modest means (there ARE some!) would be unable to do their jobs.

Now, we can cut SOME things there, I think (*cough* Congressional pensions *cough*) but their salaries? No, I think those are commensurate with the amount of responsibility they have. A little low even.

I wonder how much attention Robert paid to the "lifestyles" of Bush 1 and 2, or that of Reagan.  It's the American President for heaven's sake, and can hardly be expected to live the lifestyle of middle America.  Come to think of it, didn't these same people disparage President Obama when photographed wearing flip-flops, saying it was "unpresidential"???  *sigh*

I wonder if Robert knows the first family has to pay for their own food, unless it's a state dinner????



And You're a Republican?  Who do you think you are fooling? 

If it talks like a Liberal and acts like a Liberal, and even replies like a Liberal, YOU MUST be a Liberial.  So why don't you stop kidding yourself and call this place Liberials For Obama?


The United States of America, 21st Century, 'New Big Deal' Answer

August 1, 2011

It is August 1, 2011; Answer to November 5, 2008.

Greetings Nations, People of the World that believed in the USA, and Fellow Citizens of USA:

All is well. It is now the time that we have fulfilled our Mission, cherishing once again the advancement and rebirth of a nation!  That's right, The time is now to move forward with our new choice of change in the way our USA President and Congressional Leaders go about the our national square business that we voted for!

Historically we will continue to be remembered as we are the living progressive example of the government of advancement that continues to deliver change for the world, to emanate in their government. We have answered the question; what will we do for our country beyond party lines to foster One Nation under God? The people (citizens of this great nation) desire nothing less than -- respect. We are putting aside our bitterness, differences, and party pride aside to serve our country as leaders for the sake of the United States of America! The time is now, all is well! Thank God, many leaders are showing their love for the USA over parties.

We are now addressing the failed 20th Century posturing of earmark, pork barrel, interest groups, and the distortion of the USA government failing to seek advancement by our President, with locking into place a 'Unique legislation to facilitate a Bi-partisan Committee lock into place to expedite crises intervention starting with our debt. Our political leaders’ cooperation will stimulate a new growth and understanding of the 'New 21st Century Educated Voting Citizens' of Advancement and Change'!

Congress actions reflect that they have remembered that they are there for the people of America first, and the party second.  Our President, Congress, and the citizens of America are aware of the internal party differences and the two party struggles that put the crises of the United States of America on the back burner of the politic of Capitol Hill and not the forefront of their give and take.

Now is the time to revisit Honorable Mayor Michael Bloomberg, message …. It is time for our bi-partisan experts of this great nation to sit down at a new round table of unity to modify and repair the imperfections that are corroding the communication and operation of our renowned check and balance government system.

Honorable President Obama we are looking to your team and you team to lead the people of America. We need the foundational structure of this 'New 21st Century Big Deal’ to be fostered and monitored through an Administrative Bi-partisan Review Team locked into place, within the USA Presidential Cabinet, to expedite 'crises changes'.

Through bi-partisan representations, actualized through both of our congressional bodies, the Senate and the House of Representatives, we will unite the United States of America. We the people of America not need but desire an ongoing 'Innovative Change' that acknowledges the United States of America's need for a 'Presidential Capitol Hill Administrative Balanced Bi-Partisan Review Team' to expedite crises interventions regarding our economy, foreign policies, energy, USA cultural/moral deprivation, employment, housing, and consumer rights.

We were not able to alleviate the realistic, projected, thirty-two (32) months of congressional gridlock caused by generations of ungrounded strife and tension that both Party Leaders are well aware of.   A newly formed, permanently mandated, 'Bipartisan Review Team' within the 'Presidential Cabinet', when put together effectively, will eliminate the gridlock and advance the change in governmental communication for generation to come.

President Obama, our country trusted our team leaders and you for insight and leadership. Our focus must remain with a USA solution driven interest as a priority rather than party driven desires as a priority.  We must continue experience the new found enrichment of insight woven into our nation's fabric that serves as a healing need for the United States of America. A genuine 'olive branch of a Bi-partisan Congressional Committee’ to work with a ‘Bipartisan Review Team' within the Presidential Cabinet will serve as a foundational structural good beginning to facilitate a viable accountability.

Let's walk together with the caution of avoiding 'a pricking thorny stem' of partisan spoilage during this time in USA history which will lead to disaster and irrefutable setbacks.

I applaud the people for accept such a call for your country! Now is the time; Our country must go forward respecting the disciplined practice of respecting our United States of America's electoral process. We are setting the exemplary example to the rest of the world to see. This government is the reflection of a true democracy government in a republic country, the 21st Century, United States of America.


The call for salt in the USA must be used as a well prepared solution to allow it to promote and support the healing of a nation through friendly pain. We must not forget the history of our forefathers! They struggled to allow us to realize this mature time in the history of growth and change of our nation.

In spirit and truth, God Bless America, my home sweet home!

Ernest RayEdward Walker


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