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After the U.S. Economy Implodes

By John Martin - Posted on 24 July 2011

After the price to borrow goes up and the stock market goes down, and the U.S.'s prestige around the world is harmed forever, what will bother me most is how the wackjobs will explain how this all came to be. 

They won't look to the 59 Republican members of Congress who have refused to raise the debt ceiling under any circumstances. They surely won't blame the house leadership, who care about nothing other than the super rich. Instead, as always, they will blame a combination of the Muslim socialist we put into the White House, gays and their gay marriage enablers, and everyone else working to create a Jesus-free European utopia.

If the words of President Reagan, 470 CEO's, and all the major credit rating agencies can't make these imbeciles understand what they're risking, nothing will. I'm not thrilled with how President Obama has handled these negotiations, but he's been more than willing to buck the Democratic Party's left wing to get something done. John Boehner has shown that he's unwilling to do anything that might upset the most irrational and erratic people our party has arguably ever produced.

Talking Points Memo says Harry Reid has this to say : "In an effort to reach a bipartisan compromise, we are putting together a $2.7 trillion deficit reduction package that meets Republicans' two major criteria: it will include enough spending cuts to meet or exceed the amount of a debt ceiling raise through the end of 2012, and it will not include revenues. We hope Speaker Boehner will abandon his 'my way or the highway' approach, and join us in forging a bipartisan compromise along these lines."  This is the plan outlined by Pelosi last Friday. 

What I want to know is will "entitlements" be off the table in that 2.4 trillion dollar cut?  If not, and there are no revenue increases, I don't see how this isn't giving Boehner his way. 

The markets are opening in Asia....Boehner is willing to let not only our economy implode, but the world wide economy will feel the shock.  With the economy as fragile as it is, I don't know how we can right it again.  Why do I have the sinking feeling that's the plan?  The super rich will be fine in the long run...and wrecking the economy is a small price for them to pay to get "one of theirs" back in the White House". 

If the far left sees Obama as "caving" on revenue, they may abandon him for good; they won't see that he put the nation first..  That will make a Republican win much easier in 2012.  

I really feel sick.

 I agree. I don't know how Reid's eliminating revenues does anything but concede the entire battle to Boehner's right wing. Moreover, as stated, Reid's proposal fully justifies all of the stalling, stonewalling, and destructive uncooperation from the right by making it effective-- just as Obama's capitulation in the January budget talks validated Right wing "ultimatum politics."

I am in that sick bay with you, Suzi.


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