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I'll Vote for Rick Perry

By John Martin - Posted on 14 August 2011

Although Bachmann will probably win Iowa, and Romney will likely win New Hampshire, there's no doubt that Rick Perry will be a strong candidate throughout the primaries. Sure, the man has created a ton of government jobs in Texas and is responsible for a $27 billion budget shortfall, but our party's fringe will never be swayed by such minor details. The guy wears cowboy boots and demonizes poor people. What's there not to love?

So here is my pledge to Rick Perry. When the New York primary comes around in April, I will vote for him on one condition: he takes five minutes at an upcoming press conference to read aloud Standard & Poor's August 5th statement on why the firm downgraded the U.S.'s debt rating. Actually, Perry doesn't even have to read the whole thing-- maybe just the paragraphs that mention the words "taxes" and "revenues." So far, no self-proclaimed conservative candidate or pundit has been willing to even acknowledge the full scope of S&P's rationale.
What the budget-deniers in our party don't seem to get is that higher taxes are coming. Our party won't be able to gut Medicare and Social Security and get re-elected. Minus that, the only way we're going to be able to pay for our future commitments is by raising revenues. If you don't come up with a plan to raise revenues this year or this decade, all you're doing is delaying the inevitable and making it even worse for future generations. A Republican today who tells you they won't raise taxes is taking the cowardly way out and is just ensuring a Republican (or Democrat, or whatever) tomorrow will have to.

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