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The Battle for Tripoli

By Minngirl - Posted on 22 August 2011

You can follow BBC World Live at this link,  Two of Gaddafi's sons are in custody although the his whereabouts are unknown. 

Thanks for the link.

I wonder what Obama's critics are going to say once Gaddafi is gone. We help topple yet another despotic regime with no loss of American life. Looks like they may have gotten on the wrong side of this one.

TP Muckraker ran this story about comments made by Sen. McCain and Lindsey Graham

IMHO, here was nothing Obama could have done that would have been "right" in the minds of the GOP. As for me, I am glad Qaddafi looks like he's on the way out and that no Americans died doing it. Of course, the biggest question now is what happens next. 

Only a few years ago the Bush Administration normalized relations with Libya and removed it from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. As recently as 18 months ago, GOP Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain warmly greeted Gadaffi to discuss U.S. relations and military training.  This is just so extremely hypocritical!!!

I think that taking an active role was the wrong choice. The ends do not justify themeans.

Last night, as I watched coverage on both CNN and MSNBC of the developments in Tripoli, I decided to see what Fox was saying about it.  The first time I flipped over, they were discussing the missing woman in Aruba.  The next time I checked, they were running a special about Dick Cheney.  I guess they didn't want their viewers to know President Obama made the right decision. 

Thanks for the great link, Minn!!

I was very surprised Fox News was running a special about Dick Cheney while MSNBC and CNN were wall to wall Libya.  

Usually, it is MSNBC that doesn't cover "breaking news" on the weekend and instead will be running a life in prison special.

Actually, Brandon, when there is a big story happening, MSNBC abandons Lock  Not just for this, but any time.

Trust me when I tell you this is what Fox was running....I checked in often, and say Cheney age before my eyes.  I was glued to the coverage of Libya, and wanted all perspectives.  I do that with most stories.

I'll never forgive Qaddafi for giving a hero's welcome to the Lockerbie Bomber.  I'm glad Obama got us involved in an intelligent way (without a full-scale invasion).

Plus Obama did not get us involved with false justifications, and he recognized that with our military stretched around the world as it is, we could not afford a full-scale invasion of the country. I see that you registered here only a few days ago, so welcome to RFO!

I don't think Obama will ever consider full scale invasions of another country, unless our security is REALLY threatened.   He seems to (rightfully) believe in nations' right to determine their own way.

No false justifications, no true justifications either.

Gah! All this support for directly attacking a sovereign country without any other justification than "we don't like Ghadafi" just galls me.

I can't determine what the Republican stance is on our involvement with Libya. I was watching Fox and Friends this morning, and they and John McCain were of the mind that we should have gone in ourselves with air firepower and taken care of all of it ourselves.  They were slamming Obama for not doing so.

I agree Brant, and I think as the regime topples, and we have access to more information, we will find out a lot about Libya's involvement in that attack, among others.

Welcome to RFO...I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and opinions.

Wow.. Awesome!

I wonder how they now feel being so publicly on the wrong side of history?


Thanks Misty!  Great photos, as usual.

Well, Brandon...Hannity finally talked about Obama and Libya...LOL  

Apparently desperate to make sure President Obama didn’t gain politically from the imminent fall of Qaddafi, Hannity came up with a ridiculous talking point: That in his Libya policy, Obama had adopted President Bush’s doctrine of preemption.

During a discussion last night with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain (more about this segment in another post), Hannity brought up the subject of Libya at about 5:20.

"Does the president now agree with the preemption policy of George W. Bush or does he agree with Colin Powell, who said, ‘If you break it, you buy it?’ Does that now apply to Libya and President Obama in your view?” Hannity asked.

Say what?

What does Bush’s preemption policy have to do with Libya? Does Hannity think Libya was a threat? Was he likening NATO’s actions in Libya to the invasion of Iraq?

Cain didn’t offer any enlightenment on that score. He gave “hats off” to British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy but spent the rest of the Libya discussion attacking Obama.

Hannity seemed perfectly happy with that response

I've always thought of Hannity is a clown.  I've never liked his fake "aw shucks, your a great American, I'm a great American" routine.

The only one of the well known conservative media figures these days that I like is Laura Ingraham.   I don't really have anything against Bill O'Reilly and often agree with him but I just don't enjoy his show most of the time.

I admire Neil Boortz out of Atlanta as he is usually very well prepared with his facts but he sometimes comes across as just a mean old man who wishes "white men" still ruled.

Of the lesser known, I like Michael Medved and Dennis Prager.

You can have the Limbaughs, Hannitys, Becks, Levins, and Savages of the conservative world.

I would have alot more respect for Republican critics if they took the David Gergen approach (shown above) and just gave President Obams due credit once in awhile. How can we take them seriously when all they do is bash the president, even when he takes an approach they once supported or succeeds in an approach they claimed would fail. Until they swallow their pride, they are all clowns with a cynical agenda in my book.

Sunday's assault on Tripoli and the following overthrow of Libyan dictator Gadhafi could turn into lower gas prices here and abroad in the months tocome. The extent of the rebel victory, however, remains uncertain. Article source: Gadhafi's removal could translate to lowergas prices

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