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In a Field this large, There's Room for Huntsman

By John Martin - Posted on 22 August 2011

I don't get people who say that Jon Huntsman's strategy won't work-- as if other GOP candidates have found a clear path to the nomination. Reasonable Republicans are still out there, and we want someone to say out loud what we've been privately thinking for years. Millions of us voted for Obama and still support him. Millions more held our noses and voted for McCain, despite his running mate. Who knows how many more there are out there who believe what American scientists and economists have to say, and who actually want to create a society in which everyone can succeed. 

For every person out there who's now saying that Jon Huntsman is a RINO or a traitor, there's a quiet Republican who just heard about the guy for the first time because of the stand he's now taking. Huntsman's giving a voice to those of us who have been either too frustrated or too busy or too demoralized to stand up to the nutjob power brokers of fringe Republicanism. Not all of us are online hours every day commenting throughout the blogosphere, or donating to our favorite PAC, but we do vote-- especially in Presidential years.
A Republican candidate like Huntsman is long overdue. For the first time in a long time, I'm actually excited for the next debate, and being able to watch all the blowhards jump ugly on the guy who wants to save our party. My prediction: the more the other Republican candidates attack Huntsman, the more his support AMONG REPUBLICAN VOTERS will grow. He won't win the hearts of most Republicans anytime soon, but you don't need that much support in the primaries, especially early on. If it ends up being Huntsman-Obama in the general (admittedly, still a long shot), the nutjobs will either fall in line, or suffer the consequences.

An editor's blog at TPM said much the same thing.  With the fears of a double dip recession, there's a stronger chance of a Republican being elected if it's the right type of Republican.  It all depends on whether the GOP can free itself from Tea Party tyranny now or if it will have to wait for failures in the 2012 election.

Personally, I don't see myself voting for Huntsman as I want to see ACA enacted, and I don't want to see more conservative judicial activists on the Supreme Court, but I don't think I'll be packing my bags for Canada if he were elected.

As I said on the other Huntsman thread....While I don't agree with all of his positions, I like Huntsman. He's intelligent, moderate and sane, I could sleep well at night, without fear for my country, if he were president.


Here's my issue with his candidacy...At general election time, most people vote for the same party down ticket. IF Huntsman is the GOP candidate, Republican House and Senate candidates are more likely to get the moderate/Independent vote. There is nothing to indicate those down ticket races would include moderate candidates for other offices. We could well end up with more far right/Tea Party types in Congress. No matter who would win the Presidetal election..Obama or Huntsman....the addition of more right wingers would stymie either of them trying to put forth a moderate agenda.
Even as a Republican, I'm encouraging everyone to vote a straight D ticket this election, in order to give Obama the support he needs for his vision for our nation. ~Suzi

John Hunstman is the only Republican candidate that does not completely scare the heck out of me with his stances. I think he may be the only actual "GOP" candidate in the race. If it comes down to Obama vs Huntsman in the general election, I'll still vote for Obama, but I don't think I would be too disappointed with a President Huntsman.

Of course, I said this exact same thing about John McCain in the leadup to the 2008 election and look what happened. But I sense that Huntsman is different, I feel like he really is a moderate. Right now, my support is solidly with Obama, as long as he remains in the running.

I lived in Utah when Huntsman was elected. Most Mormon elected officials in Utah vote along the strict guidlines of the church. Most elected officials in Utah are Mormon. The church runs all politics so non Mormons don't even bother to participate. That's why the liquor laws there are a hundred years behind civilized states.

Romney is a typical Mormon elected official. He will say whatever he thinks people want to hear but will always vote to support church doctrine every time. He was heavily involved with the Olympics in Utah and basically bribed every official necessary to get it there. Ethics is not a strong point of most Utah politicians. Church first- family income second- remaining public a distant third.

Huntsman was different. He actually relaxed the liquor laws because he recognized that it was bad for tourism and bad for business. He seems to vote his own mind and not what the church dictates. He is the only Republican in the current mix that I could possibly support but he is not radical enough to win over the Tea Party hardliners in 2012. I also don't like the way he turned on Obama after being offered the job as Ambassador. He seems to be saying the same rhetoric that he thinks Republicans want to hear, just like Romney, so I don't trust him completely. Huntsman acts like he is a great businessman but his daddy built and ran his businesses and handed them over to the kids- big family so everyone got a piece. Daddy was a genius in business but pretty ruthless as well so Junior probably got a good education but shouldn't take credit.

I was one of those Republicans who held their nose and voted for McCain because I thought he deserved it. However, Palin is the dumbest person since Quayle that has been that close to the presidency and that is down right scary.  Bachman is the only person in the world that can make her look less stupid but Perry is doing his best to tie.

Obama made a great Jobs speach and said what needed to be said. Its time Congress quit fighting political battles and put the country first. He has my vote in 2012.

(Sorry for my lengthy absence...missed my visits here! Let's just say it's been a very busy summer.) I like Huntsman, too, although I do hear some pandering from time to time (didn't he just say we should tax the poor more?) But he stands out as the only one taking on the nuts. But that alone spells the death of his primary candidacy. He's running at 3% or lower. I just saw that he has the lowest approval ratings in Iowa, running side by side with Newt! As long as Rush Limbaugh is the real head of the GOP, he is doomed. But I do think he is setting up a good run in 2016. He can be the "I told you so" candidate. I think it's very far out there to think he could capture the nomination, even with a weak pool of candidates around him. Sanity is the last thing the Republican Party is willing to embrace right now. Sad but true.

Well I did read some information on Mr. Huntsman and he has an impressive record. I believe like kelly says that because Huntsman is sane, he probably won't get too far in the election process. Boy that is too bad that a Republican candidate has to be radical in their views in order for the current republican party to embrace them. Also, some members in the democratic  party doesn't want the president to succeed either, so I guess we are dealing with the lesser of two evils. I am hoping that if President Obama gets elected again and if the democrats have a majority in the Senate and/or the house, they will be wiling to work with the President more cohesively this time. There is much divisiveness among the democratic party; they have shown how difficult it is for them to work together as a team. It remains to be seen how things will evolve in this election process. I have to admit, I am not so sure how optimistic I am about the end result or outcome of the reelection of president Obama  or the next candidate. However, I am still a strong Obama supporter as a Democrat ---- I am leaning towards becoming more of an Independent now.

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