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Perry-- Maybe Not the Greatest Debater

By John Martin - Posted on 31 August 2011

Looks like we have something to watch out for during the September 7th (or whenever it will be) Republican debate. The Governor didn't agree to any general-election debates when he ran for reelection last year, and has a reputation of being a weak debater. His Democratic opponent, former Houston Mayor Bill White, claimed that Perry's handlers were uncomfortable about allowing him to appear unscripted.

Even though Perry's is no widely recognized as the Republican front-runner, I don't expect any of the other candidates to jump all over him too quickly-- even Romney. There's still a long time to go, and his opponents will probably give Perry the opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth before feeling the need to play aggressive. Even so, a poor performance could deflate the enthusiasm some currently feel for the GOP's latest, great hope. 

I very much look forward to this debate so I can hear Perry's views on our country having a smaller government, except of course for those pesty social issues where a much bigger federal government is needed. Also, please tell us about your economic plan of turning the whole country into a harbor of minimum wage job earners, like you did for Texas.

Perry let a Monday deadline pass to apply for hundreds of millions of dollars—$555 million for Texas, in federal funds for unemployment insurance benefits. The money was part of the 2009 economic stimulus package. All of this after Texas unemployment rate hits its highest since 1987. How do you apply for UIB in Texas?... you don't. Your governor spends more time combing his hair than he does thinking about little old you.

Don't underestimate Rick Perry.  One day he may bring his brand of theocracy to Washington DC.  What's a moderate republican like myself to do?

I can’t believe people would want to go back to a “cowboy” president. The rest of the free and developming world would give up on us. We can’t be that stoopid.

People need to remember that a "real" cowboy has the sh*t on the outside of his boots.  lol

You do what the rest of us sane and moderate Republicans do, Brant.  You vote for Obama. 

I personally believe Perry will win the nomination...and the very thought is terrifying to me!

Yeah, Obama is still the best choice.  I voted for him in 2008 because he seemed to have a cool head and a calm demeanor (similar things, I know).  My opinion of him has not changed.  It's nice to know there are other people like me out here on the internet.  Thanks for making this website. 

Hi Suzie !  I wanted to know more about your thoughts on Perry winning the Nomination! do you think he is a competitor against Obama? I don't know all the dynamics that would make him a viable candidate other than he is a Christian from the South and serves as a Governor!! I guess he has a lot of support from the different corporations I guess? I am sure the GOP party is supporting him feverishly I guess? -- It is scary to me to think that Perry could win this election.  I think it is so sad that someone like Huntsman does not have a chance because he is not willing to cow tow to the tea partiers. Is Huntsman still in the running? I am so weighted with this whole elections process. I have never been so invested in a particular candidate before Obama was elected, If the Republican party had a viable, sane candidate that they were not trying to control, then I would be willing to vote for a good candidate no matter what party they come from. Oh well this is going to be a longgg drawn out process!  LOL haha-- if someone is willing to give me more insight on Perry, I would really appreciate it! Thanks

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