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Temporary Tax Cuts: Only the Rich Are Worthy

By John Martin - Posted on 19 September 2011

As Suzi pointed out over the weekend, the Republicans have finally found tax cuts they don't like. They're currently fighting to raise payroll taxes on working Americans, a move that would go into effect in a matter of months. What's behind the Republicans' logic? That Obama's plan to extend (and deepen) the payroll tax cut is temporary. It's better to raise taxes on American families now, the Republicans argue, than to raise them in the future, when these cuts would most likely expire. 

When Bush Jr. sold us on his two rounds of enormously irresponsible tax cuts, no Republican minded that those were temporary. Nobody was worried about what would happen 10 years out when these tax cuts would eventually expire. They promised that these cuts would bolster the economy and magically generate more revenue, thus paying for themselves. Likewise, last December, when Obama agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts for another two years, Republicans were more than happy to have these extended, if only for a short time.
The Republican party's reasoning is laughable. They argue that Obama's payroll tax cuts should be avoided because they would mean larger increases in the future. Can you imagine Dick Cheney or Denny Hastert back in 2003 saying that we should avoid further tax cuts because that would result in a larger tax increase in 2010 when they expired? Of course not. 
The GOP's impending tax increase will take over $1000 from the typical American family, and hand it right to Washington's huge coffers. If Republicans were serious about helping the economy, they'd let the American people keep more of their earnings and let THEM decide how to spend it.

I understand the philosophy about smaller government but when has government ever been small in the last 40 years?? why are the far right crying for smaller government now??  wasn't there Social security, Medicaid, and Medicare during the Reagan and Bush era??? where was smaller Government then?? as a matter of fact, a democratic President was the one who reformed Medicaid  ( even thou I don't  know if that was a good thing). I guess the argument is that the safety net or Entitlements are too costly for Americans to keep funding!!  America would not be America as we know it if it had not been for the Entitlements or Safety Net.  When the elites call for the elimination or abolishment of the Entitlements, Smaller Government and to stop government from intrusion in people's lives then our Society will reflect a third world Country because that is what a society looks like when the leaders of that nation ignores and disengages from its citizen's  lives ( even during times of catastrophes!!).

I recognize we have to balance the budget, cut some things and be mindful of how we spend but when we COMPLETELY and Radically change the system, then we put millions of people at risk for abject poverty and we change the face of America!!  Unfortunately, the brightest, and strongest of the nation will not stay in such decay; they will move to other places that will benefit them; What will be the purpose of staying in a place where you can no longer find work??--- What made America great will no longer exist; America will follow suit with other developing and third world Countries by  not taking care of its citizens. I believe the elites are preying on this volatile  time by calling for the abolishment of the entitlements by misrepresenting that it will save money for people's  Grandchildren!!  Does the people who are calling for its abolishment realize that each of us have family members who at the door of poverty due to loss of jobs, under-employment, catastrophic events, or illnesses??? are we willing to take care of family members for years due to lack of resources???  I don't think people realize what they are saying when they talk about cutting the entitlements; I really don't think people understand the ramification of what that will do to our Society as we know it! 

I constantly hear people talk about how people should save their money, spend within their means, or tighten your belt!!---- Well tell that to someone who has gotten into a catastrophic accident, who is now a quadriplegic and their life's savings is wiped away due to expensive medical bills ( BTW who is not capable of working LOL); tell that to a couple whose child has an incurable disease that is expensive to maintain; or tell that to someone who has just been diagnose with cancer and who needs expensive treatment just to survive ( your life's savings can be wiped out in a month!! ) or tell that to the Millions who are diagnosed with Bipolar, Schizophrenia and other serious mental disorders who need medications just to maintain some type of sanity!! do we really want to abandon people in our society just because they are poor and unable to help themselves??  The assumption that everyone should be responsible for themselves declares that everyone is able body, never will suffer a serious accident or deadly disease and born with a silver spoon their mouths!!

We live in an imperfect world; therefore, we should put things in place to sustain and deal with those imperfections; this notion that everyone should be RESPONSIBLE for themselves is just hogwash!  ( BTW which we should) but in principle we must leave room for imperfections. 


BTW By no means am I advocating laziness or irresponsibility!!

OOOps!! sorry for being long winded LOLhaha!!

Very enlightening combination of surveys via Bruce Bartlett.

The average of all these polls show 64.5% of respondents prefer higher taxes while an average of 30% prefer spending cuts.  When will the "no taxes at any cost" group realize that in this country, a majority is STILL over 50% of the voters, NOT the loudest yellers. 

Hi all; It has been a long time sense I have been on this site. So few people believe there are Republicans for Obama or a site to go to, did you know that? It's been two yrs sense I have been here, I think. For some reason I couldn't get on the site, an now I can get on through my face book. I don't see how were going to balance any deficit or budget on the backs of the middle class with out the help of Corp. like GE who doesn't pay a penny in Tax's. I am still trying to figure out what kind of loop hole they found, as they said it was legal.  I still can't believe that Senator McConnel  said :" Warren Buffet can just cut the Goverment a check if he wants to pay more in Tax's"! U can cut the Goverment a check an billions is donated every year to our Gov. for tax breaks, but you can't  tell the Gov. what u want the donation to be used for. So what good would it do to send the Gov. Money  for Job Creation, as McConnell tells Buffet to do. Well, I hope to check back in here soon.


McConnell's argument is so dumb. Warren's contribution-even if very generous-would not make a dent and he knows it. We need to have a mandatory policy that taxes all people in Buffet's bracket to make a big impact. As Obama said, it's not class warfare, it's simple math. To those GOPers who say it's crazy to raise taxes on ANYONE during recession, I ask: 1. When Obama caved on extending the Bush tax cuts, how many jobs did that create? Why are these corporations sitting on millions while refusing to hire or even cutting jobs? How did keeping the cushy tax cuts help create even one job? 2. You can't raise taxes on the rich by one penny, but you are ok with cutting Medicare benefits during a recession? Laying off teachers? Cutting Pell grants? Those may not be called taxes, but they sure hurt the pocketbook of Middle Class America. So why are you only standing up for the rich and not the poor or middle class? Isn't that class warfare?

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