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I thought I was alone in my support of Obama

By Wade Tampa 2012 - Posted on 25 September 2011

Finding a blog where people agree with me on basic issues made my day.  I'm sure we will not agree on everything.   That is normal.   I have been looking for a blog like RFO for some time.   If it did not exist I would have had to create something like it.  I'm glad I did not have to recreate the wheel.


It's great to be around civil minded, logical and intelligent people  Wade! Welcome home !  

Welcome aboard, Wade!


Welcome. Long story short. This place has been around since '08 and post election it became a gathering place for left and right moderates to discuss politics civilly. Very welcomed place to regain some sanity through the current state of politics. Anyway, it's kind of quiet but will definitely pick up as the election gets closer. There is a facebook page that sees some decent activity daily too.

Welcome to our RFO family. We definitely have passion on certain issues and most of us would be called "RINO's" by the Republican party, but I refuse to watch my party take the whole ship down-the whole country really- without calling out their insanity. I will be voting Democrat in most cases until I see some serious change within my party (not holding my breath and they sure don't seem to care much about the "moderate" voter anyway.) President Obama was the first Democrat I voted for and I am proud to support him in 2012. Sorry, but how on earth can I identify with a party whose main candidates stand silent when their debate audience:

-cheer as Perry brags about how many executions he set up? (how exactly is that pro-life?)

-screams "let him die" with regard to a person who has no health insurance?

-boos a soldier simply because he is gay. Sorry, but in my book, every soldier is a hero who should be respected at every level no matter who he/she loves (because they obviously love our country!)?

Hope you fine your comfort zone here : )

how can the country move forward if the gop blocks everything I would be sad to see them win the whitehouse this year

Four more years for President Obama & Michelle.

 Actually I was secretly hoping for two terms of Gingrich because I really want to see his fourth and fifth wives.

Fourth and fifth? He would probably be on number 8 or 9 by the end of his terms.

Fortunately, we won't have to find out.

Something tells me that Newt isn't ruling out 2016. No doubt Calista is gone by then, either way.

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