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Traditional Republicanism and Obama (why we support him)

By Suzi LeVeaux - Posted on 05 October 2011

Today's Republican party, by way of the Tea Party, has strayed far from its traditional roots. We were the party of racial equality, rights for women, advocates of providing some basic civil rights to prisoners of war, adequate taxation, and believed in what Teddy Roosevelt called the 'square deal' where everyone sacrifices a little and gets a little and goes away at least somewhat satisfied. Our party has supported strong safety nets, such as Social Security, for our most vulnerable citizens, and although most of us are usually men and women of faith, we gave believed in the separation of church and state.

The Republicans were the first party to ever raise the issue of campaign finance reform when Teddy Roosevelt declared in 1905 that "contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law." (I can gladly give you quotes from other traditional Republicans such as Eisenhower and Reagan if you wish.)

As much as opposition to excessive spending, opposition to corruption is a basic Republican value, and there is no more corrupting force in politics today than the need to raise massive financial support to campaign for office, which keeps many legislators fundraising throughout their terms and puts their virtue and principles under constant assault.

The basic problem is that today's "consevatives" are ideological fanatics, and there is no room for compromise in their worldview. That is a philosophy which is inherently contrary to the republicanism on which the Republican Party is based, which has at its foundation the idea of the rule of law, the balance of power and government by consensus. The extremists within our own party may be "conservative," but they seem not to have even the first idea what it means to be a Republican. Our goal is to regain control of our party, and see to it that their attempts to redefine and control the party fail.

As you can see, traditional Republican values align very well with those of Barack Obama.  That's why this Republican is FOR Obama. 

Awesome! Make sure this is in a note on FB so we can point the doubters to this and the principles note.

I tell you what, even as a supporter of the President, it can be difficult to say what exactly it is about him that we like. I mean, we're all so focused on the negative. It's easy to point out things that the current GOP members of Congress or who are running for President do that are wrong or disagreeable, but IMO it is much more difficult to point to the things which the President himself has done which make us (as putative "republicans") continue to support him.

Much of that is due to pure obstructionism, of course.

But just as it is for the doubters and naysayers, it is far easier to point out his failings than his successes. Just like it is for us to point out the failings of the current GOP.

So I don't know. I wish I could see a way to take a more positive tack towards it all. So thank you for attempting to do just that.


You are spot on...thanks for sharing this poweful message. I am going to post this on the Organize for America (OFA) website. There are a lot of "ideological fanatics" posting on the site interrupting the Obama supporters. They need to read what a "real" Republican has to say!

Do you guys think Colin Powell and other Reaganites will re-endorse Obama again for '12?  Or will they stand with Romney since he is considered by some to be "moderate".. even though his economic policies , particularly on taxes , saying he wouldn't even consider raising revenue at 10 to 1 the opposite of what even Bruce Bartlett is in favor of , in addition to his support of the Ryan Medicare plan...

I don't know, vadermike, I think it's too soon to tell. We've still got thirteen months.

My prediction is that we'll lose some and gain some. Which group Powell ends up in I can't say.

Beautifully done, Suzi.

Well said, Suzi! I could not agree more. Maybe I'm alone here, but I'm not even sure Romney gets the nomination. Perry could bounce back (maybe his anti-Morman message will resonate with some of the extremists?) or Cain could be the anti-establishment guy who surges forward. Romney is ahead in GOP polls (barely 30% let's note) but this is a state by state match-up. I don't see him winning in any of the Southern states so that losing narrative could hurt him in other states which follow. So I am just questioning his path to victory. I guess they are figuring the big guns will support him financially since he has the best shot but the candidate with the most establishment support may be a turn-off for tea party voters. It's complicated with this "new" GOP facelift we've seen. I'm sure Romney is the candidate the White House least wants to face, but I don't think they are too scared by any of the prospects. Sure, they won't take anything for granted in this economy, but I think they are skilled enough-and will have enough $-to fight hard and prevail.

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