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Romney Does His Best Tough Guy Impression

By John Martin - Posted on 07 October 2011

If you listened to Mitt Romney's foreign policy speech today, you'd think the guy was trying to turn this election into the election of 1980. Back then, America had just gone through a decade of foreign policy embarassments, and our hostages were still stuck in Iran, as Jimmy Carter looked helplessly on. Reagan promised a more robust foreign policy, lead by a military buildup that was sure to make the U.S. respected around the world.

Obama has done more terrorist killing in more countries than every other U.S. president combined, but that hasn't stopped his opponents from trying to paint him as weak on defense.
Today, Romney misrepresented our current President's 2.5 years in office with the following gem
American strength rises from a strong economy, a strong defense, and the enduring strength of our values. Unfortunately, under this President, all three of those elements have been weakened. 
As President, on Day One, I will focus on rebuilding America’s economy. I will reverse President Obama’s massive defense cuts. Time and again, we have seen that attempts to balance the budget by weakening our military only lead to a far higher price, not only in treasure, but in blood.
The problem here is that defense spending has increased under Obama-- continuing a trend begun uder president Bush. 2011's defense budget is $768 billion, up from $616 billion in 2008; nearly a 25% increase in just three years.
Our military's conventional capabilities are unmatched by any nation on earth, and will be for decades. Listening to Romney's plan to produce even more weapons systems that will go unused makes you wonder if the guy realizes that we have a bit of a deficit problem right now. 

Although Romney MIGHT be the best candidate the R's have, I am very much looking forward to this race. There is almost no daylight between him and Obama on the major issues. With Romney's religion, and former stances on everything from taxes to health care, he's going to piss the hell out of the right wing.

Saw this headline and it was someone from the Wall Street Journal that pointed out the lie. Obama increased the defense budget but I guess Romney was not paying attention, just like Obama's tax cuts don't count. "Romney vows to reverse Obama's 'massive defense cuts' ... thatĀ neverĀ happened"

Now that I am thinking about it, with the Left in this country (the people) finally waking up.. the occupy wall street movement.. this SHOULD help Obama's re-election against Romney .. who is the epitome of Wall Street.. but Romney is a chameleon.. so we will see.. but it should work to our favor.. interesting times.. interesting election 2012!  GoBama 12!

I like what you just said GoBama :)

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