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Ray LaHood Calls Out Fellow Republicans

By John Martin - Posted on 15 October 2011

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past 2 1/2 years, you know that the #1 thing on the Republican Party's agenda is beating President Obama and making his life miserable. It won't put anybody back to work, or pay for increased infrastructure spending, but it's still nice to hear a fellow Republican articulate what's been obvious to every Obama supporter:

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the most prominent Republican in President Barack Obama's administration, accused GOP House members Friday of putting their hope for the president to fail ahead of working toward solving the nation's problems.
Responding to a question about why it was so difficult to get big infrastructure projects built right now, LaHood told a transportation conference that "some people don't want Obama to be successful."

"A big percentage of the Republicans that were elected this time came here to do zero, and that's what they've done," he said. Those lawmakers, he said, have obstructed other people who are trying to get things done.

LaHood announced that he won't be serving in Obama's second term. Of course, Robert Gates is no longer Defense Secretary. I hope the President has a number of willing and experienced Republicans he can nominate to serve during his second term, and I hope he uses the final months of the campaign to talk about how he'll continue to have the other party well represented in his cabinet. Won't convert too many of the Republican flock, but could be a nice way to remind independents of the efforts he's made to bring the two sides together.

I'd take my hat off to Ray LaHood, but I'm not wearing one right now.

Regardless, LaHood is speaking exactly what I am thinking. These Republicans in power are putting their hopes for electoral victory ahead of the welfare of the nation. This is not about lowering taxes, balancing the federal deficit, or even about creating jobs. It's about destroying the Obama Presidency and making him a failure.

This topic fits in well with an excellent article I read from Foreign Policy about the "twilight" of the wise man Republicans, specifically referring to the difficulties Richard Lugar is facing with a Tea Party primary opponent.  It covers a long history, going back to the 1880s where Republicans have worked together with Democratic administrations because foreign policy is too important a matter to be guided by partisan choices only, and needs a measure of bipartisanship.,0

I've really appreciated the work Ray LaHood has done during his time in the Obama administration, and this is one time I plan on writing to him to thank him for his efforts.  His integrity has really shown through with the job he has done.

Thank you, Ray LaHood! Talk about calling them out-wow.

"A big percentage of the Republicans that were elected this time came here to do zero, and that's what they've done," he said. Those lawmakers, he said, have obstructed other people who are trying to get things done.

My only fear is that they are being rewarded by the obstructionism. The latest CNN poll shows  60% believe President Obama's policies will fail to improve the economy. This is much worse than the response just a year ago. Now I suppose we could read into it a few ways:

a) people don't think his policies will work because they'll never see the light of day with Republicans in the way

b) people don't think they will work because lobbyists and the powers of Wall Street will find loopholes and ways to screw us no matter what he does

c) people blame Congress for the lack of faith in our system, not the President. Congress approval is much lower than President Obama whose approval actually holds steady in the poll (at 46%.)

Congress approval (11%-13% approval-wow!):

Gallup10/6 - 10/91381-68
CBS News9/28 - 10/21180-69
FOX News9/25 - 9/271183-72

But Republicans will read the CNN poll one way: let's keep blocking the jobs bill and anything else on his agenda because it helps us when the economy stays rotten. We are spolied, whining children and we are getting our way!

I guess the GOP plan or plot is working as far as keeping the  working class and poor people dissatisfied with the OBAMA administration due to lack of jobs? However, we see from this Occupying wall street that  the American people are not totally buying the notion that it is a one man show and is "All Obama's fault".  They are expressing their disdain at the apathy from Corporate America, Wall street and the obstructionist in the White House.  The media will continue to put out their numbers as it relates to lack of jobs in order to keep the American people focused on the President but people are becoming more well informed regarding where the source of the problem lies; the American people knows that the joblessness and tanking in the economic system is  a deliberate act  from those who are greedy, heartless and defiant towards anything that will elevate the middle class or help the poor.


The only way the rich can stay rich is on the backs of the poor!! If there were no small people doing their bidding then the Rich could not get what they need done in the first place!! This notion that money just fly into their hands magically or by Osmosis is absurd!! They have to hire the little people ( here in America or in Foreign lands) to do the footwork so they can profit big time off of the backs of the poor people. The myth that they work harder is hogwash. The  big rigs work smarter  for sure but not harder than the average American people. The boldness at which the Rich can say all types of nasty stuff about the poor being parasites, bitter or jealous of their prosperity reflects their total disregard for the needs and interests of the average American. Some of  the Big Rigs are showing their true colors of disgust for the poor!! The Average American is not looking to be RICH per se!! they want to live healthy comfortable lives!! Therefore jobs are needed in order for people to take care of themselves and their families.


I believe there is a new breed of innovators and entrepreneurship that is coming out of this OWS movement! People are becoming more innovators, visionaries and leaders of their own communities as a result of the apathy and disregard from the Government for the needs of the people. The American people have to find ways to become self sufficient and independent. "We the people" are going to have to figure out how to work as a collective body of diverse communities and network in such a way that is conducive and beneficial for us as a whole. I know this model is scary to some but there is no turning back to the old way of things; we have to be more broad minded. We are positioned to be more open minded and we need to make the most of this opportunity to unify.....


Will all these no votes on the jobs bill start to haunt Republicans? Americans overwhelming feel that Congress has done nothing to address the problems facing the country, and were more likely to blame Republicans for that failure, according to a CNN-ORC poll released Friday. Sixty-nine percent of those polled said that Congress has “done nothing” to address the problems facing the country. Of those 69 percent, 28 percent blamed Republicans and 18 percent blamed Democrats, while another 18 percent said both parties were responsible for the gridlock. ORC International interviewed more than 1,000 people between Oct. 14 and Oct. 16 for the study.

From day one, many Republicans set out to make President Obama's term in office a failure. I do applaude Mr. Hood for speaking the truth about what is going on in the Department of Transportation. The Reuplicans are saying 'No" to our President left and right. TheRepublicans are sitting around waiting for the election, while doing nothing to save this country and its citizens. They could care less about the working class in this country, as long as there jobs and businessesd are secure. It's is shameful what the Republican party is doing to ruin the reputation of a man who is trying his hardest to reach across party lines and work together for the people.

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