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Gotta love the dems thinking in Md

By thereturnofblakey - Posted on 21 October 2011

So governor O'Malley of Md wants to add an additional 15 cent tax increase to a gallon of gas in Md to help with Job Creation,,,,,,,yep that works everytime!!! Freaking screwball......

I see where it works IN THEORY: the idea is to create jobs in the area of infrastructure building - something that killls two birds with one stone (creating jobs AND providing improved infrastructure for the greater good).  It's also something Obama talked about during his campaign. 

And a transportation-related tax is the most likely place to provide the necessary funding. 

That said, from what I've read the problem really lies in the fact that the MD transportation fund has been looted in the past for non-transport projects what's to say this time it would be different?

... not to mention the fact that raising the cost of a commodity like gasoline doesn't help the overall economy. 

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