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Riot over taxes in China

By Misty - Posted on 27 October 2011

Source: BBC News

Hundreds of business owners have clashed with riot police in an eastern Chinese city after a row over taxation, reports on official media say.

The unrest was sparked when the owner of a children's clothing firm in Huzhou city refused to pay his tax bill.

Reports say the man gathered friends to attack the local tax collector, and the row snowballed into a riot where people threw stones and overturned cars.

 Chinese Tea party? Get it? China, Tea? All the tea in China?


WOW ! I am flabbergasted that the Chinese people are fighting the Government  WHOA! LOL  

I think my head just asploded due to extreme irony.

Misty, are you posting pictures from the Halloween event at the White House this year? There won't be a enough snow to ruin it, right? I wanted to share your wonderful pictures with the RFO facebook page. I ran across the one you posted in 2009.

I know, Halloween pictures for 2009 was the bomb!

I'll have Halloween pictures for 2011.


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