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Perry's Voodoo Revenue Plan

By John Martin - Posted on 30 October 2011

Surprise! According to Rick Perry, now is the time for drastic tax cuts. Although the governor's postcard tax plan means trillions in lost revenue, Perry is still convinced he can balance the federal budget within seven years of becoming president. 

On Fox News Sunday this morning, host Chris Wallace asked the governor to explain his math. Perry turned to the tired Republican myth-- that tax cuts actually increase revenue. According to Perry, when you allow job creators to keep more of their earnings, they invest back into the economy (presumably the U.S.'s economy), which creates jobs, spurring growth and leading to more revenue. 
It's the same voodoo economics we've heard for decades, but which has been disproven over and over again. We came closest to an actual balanced budget at the end of the Clinton years, which began with a series of tax increases, meant to reign in our out of control deficits.
By some measures, the U.S. economy did ok during the George W. era, but the country bled jobs, especially manufacturing jobs, despite two of the biggest tax cuts in history in 2001 and 2003. The main legacy of those two cuts have been the astronomical amounts of debt they've left us with. The CBO recently estimated that the Bush tax cuts have left us with an additional $2.8 trillion in debt
If the Bush cuts are left in place, they'll continue to lead to out of control deficits. Imagine what happens if Perry's allowed to cut taxes even further.

ahhhhhh!! same ole same ole!!  huh?? it is amazing how the far right can prey on the conservative's desire for smaller Government by selling them this notion that if they cut the deficit ( cut all spending for the small people, entitlement programs, social programs, assistance with foreclosure & etc) that the economy will turn into paradise, deficits will decrease significantly and the USA will return back to it's normal state!!--- did the far right tell the truth about how bush tank the economy?? If they really wanted to be transparent and honest, can they identify some important facts about how Bush destroyed the economy so that the American people can learn from it and not repeat it??--- they  refuse to talk or expose how a Republican President destroyed this nation!! yes we know Obama owns it but how about telling the truth about how this whole crap started in the first place!!!! we can learn how both Presidents Govern the nation and what impact it  has had on our nation!! isn't it going to be in our history books anyway??


The far right ( who is supposed to be Evangelical Christians, righteous people) only see the wrong in the democrat ( lawd knows there are many LOL) BUT THEY ARE TOO BLIND To acknowledge the error and mismanage that Bush did to this nation. If they are serious about finding out what started this whole economic decline, then lets start from it's origin!! It's not about backtracking but it's about looking at the whole picture!! The far right are phenomenal at painting a partial picture but dismal at telling the whole truth even when it hurts!!

What's amazing to me is that the mainstream GOP (I used "mainstream" and "GOP" in the same sentence, which in itself is an oxymoron) still hangs onto the tax cuts create jobs and stimulate the economy mantra, when the past 10 years have proven that not to be the case.

I am also flabbergasted that anyone could honestly believe that spending cuts with no corresponding revenue increases can wipe out a national debt that has ballooned to about $15 trillion, even over a 10-15 year period. It cannot be done!

Here is another thing that really tees me off... every Thursday a GOP committee meets to discuss....................................................... wait for it................................................. ABORTION. I want someone to tell me how discussing abortion is going to help out our economy and create jobs in America. These people definitely flunked Logic 101.

It's hard to believe that the GOP  committee is spending the vast majority of their time talking about abortion!!    Not one Republican candidate is guaranteeing to abolish abortion when they get into office!! Cowboy Bush did nothing about abortion; Reagan wrote an essay about it but abortion still existed. The far right uses  the abortion issue so loosely in order to Riley up the base but they don't talk  about a real plan to deal with it like they do with the debt issue!!! ----- Since abortion is a real issue for the GOP, then lets hear the candidates discuss what plans do they have to eliminate it!! They need to be called out on the carpet since they seemed to be so pro--life!!  Do you really think these candidates care about the little people  having unplanned pregnancy???

Heck no!!-- if they don't care about the elderly's healthcare  or healthcare in general for people who are dying because of health disparities, do you really think they are going to spend time, effort, and money  dealing with or defending abolishing abortion financially or helping people who wants to choose adoption as an option??? no way!!!! " You are on your own with your personal crises". This abortion topic is a joke!! if they care about the lives of humanity, then let it be all humanity and not just the unborn!!  how can they talk about how valuable life is when they want to eliminate the entitlement programs  that directly affects the health of most Americans Or they applaud when  a candidate says a person should die if they don't have health insurance!!! isn't this hypocrisy??? -- how can these far right morality minions talk about morals and human life when they don't care about helping their fellow brothers and sisters in need??? it's okay for them to legislate abortion but OOh my the government needs to stay out of people's personal lives when it comes to healthcare, education, global warming and etc!! 


Since Pro--life is a real issue for these people, then lets hold them to the standard that all life is valuable and how do they intend to help all Americans with healthcare!! instead of using the same old crock of bull about Government is not responsible for people and therefore people should not depend on Government; well then Government needs to shut up and stop talking about pro life issues  since they don't believe government has nothing to do with people's personal lives!! 

Wait! I am not done!! LOL-- job creation!! do the far right realize that 75% or more of those who are disabled  ( visual, hearing and physical impairment)  are unemployed?? what plans do they have to help the disable to get jobs!! aren't the disabled Americans too??!! do they know there are thousands of disabled people who are college educated?? they want to work too!! If the disabled can go to college ( which they do) then there should be plans to put them to work too!! I hope all the able body seniors and disabled people put the GOP on the spot since they seem to be so moral and care about human lives sooo much!! 

It does not surprise me that the Republicans push policies that are only good for the top 1% but bad for the rest of us. What shocks me is that they are so open about it now. Not only do they brag loudly and proudly about wanting to end Medicare, they actually put it in black and white in the Ryan Plan. And if they are not a disciple of that plan, they are rejected by the powers that be. Also, at least Bush tried the "big tent" thing with his "compassionate conservativism" platform. Sure, he didn't really mean it and mainly had the same old policies in mind (although he did try to get comprehensive immigration reform passed, I'll give him that) but, wow-how times have changed. You're a gay solider? You're booed. You don't have healthcare? Well, it's your own fault if you die. You are a child born to an undocumented immigrant? Tough luck-we'll turn you in if you try to get an education. Have brown or black skin or you are a student at a university? We'll make it tough for you to vote. You're Muslim? You are a terrorist. I could go on and on. Just so sad and puzzling how blatant they are these days. Do they really think there are enough old white guys to keep the GOP operating for years to come?

A change is coming Kelly; I've said that before, but demographics don't lie.

Know why the GOP is so anti-immigrant (or rather anti-Hispanic immigrant to be more precise)? Because they have calculated that most of these people will likely not be supportive of the GOP agenda. As I have posted before, this country is likely to be majority minority groups by the mid 21st century. The GOP has ignored these groups, and this is going to come back and bite them in the rear. But I guess all they care about is the short-term.

This rush to wipe out Medicare, Social Security, and other needed programs is, I believe, a recipe for disaster for the Republican party. I hate to see them take this approach. Their response to wanting to wipe out Medicare is: "Well, we are only going to wipe it out for FUTURE generations. If you are near retirement yourself, you need not worry. It will still be there for you. Who gives a **** about future generations."



The ones with the greatest fear of loosing are the loudest voices to scream!!---- The GOP is suffering from some type of delusion or Napoleon complex  LOL--- They realize they have lost a great deal of their power to Govern by CONTROL and DECEPTION. The American people have awaken to their games and the far right are scrambling to continue to spread their vitriol about Obama's ability to Govern!---- first they labeled him as inept  and passive LOL --- well now they have jumped on the bandwagon of President Obama being a Dictator LOL hahahaha--- next he is going to a Muslim Dictator who is now the Antichrist LOL hahahaha---  Where does it end??? hahahaha---- The reason they are so Bold with their venom is because the ones spewing their lies aren't intelligent enough nor do they see their opponents as humans ( Minorities, disabled, elderly, poor and etc), so it's okay to say all types of evil crap: They have resorted to their lowest form of humanity ( PURE Egocentric!!) --- The far right are in PANIC MODE!!---They are painting Obama as the BOOGIE MAN LOL hahaha


If they are so sure that they are so right and the majority is on their side ( Majority of Americans), then why do they have to attack with such vengeance?? They should just chill because they will slide all the way to home base since they are the moral agents of this Country and the American people are behind them 100% !! NOT!!!  LOL hahaha--- The ultra conservatives ( far right) knows that they are in the fight of their lives!!----- We will see more vitriol coming to the surface!! More rallies will be held by the far right with guns pointed in the air with signs of Obama as a primate LOL hahaha  and yada yada yada, so minorities are not surprised by these behaviors because we know that they have existed and still exist in our society now! so no surprise there. But I think as a whole, we must rise above this type of sick politics if we are to remain focused and determined.  I hope the far right and those who are full of hate continue to show us their hatred because then we know their position and we can use our collective voice and vote to silence these insane people!!


Politics have never been this antagonist!! why now?? because the resistance of change are fighting with every fiber of their being to maintain the status quo. FEAR has gripped them like never before!! 

Well said. I agree 100%. Since they can't win on issues, they must demonize President Obama. Even those efforts are failing as Americans see only one side pushing a jobs agenda. They are desperate and we should brace for the worst yet to come. But I think in the end change and progress will win over the status quo and going backwards.

Perry's plan to get this economy moving makes no sense what so ever. It is more of the same, tax cuts for big business and the wealthest Americans. The Bush tax cuts is what got us into this trillion dollar debt in the first place ! What makes the Republicans think " we" will fall for this farce didnt work then and it won't work now. When Bill Clinton was President, taxes were increased and the budget was in great shape. If that is all Rick Perry's got...Good Luck.

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