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Majority of Republicans see Income Inequality as a Problem

By John Martin - Posted on 01 November 2011

This month's Hill poll highlights some of the nuanced views among Republicans and conservatives. For example, 57% of Republicans say that the middle class in the U.S. is shrinking. Even better, almost two-thirds of us think that income inequality is either a "big problem" or somewhat of one.

Who knew!
Show these numbers to an Ann Coulter, a Sean Hannity, or any number of wack job bloggers or blog readers out there, and they'll accuse you of class warfare and say you have no business being in the Republican party. Try to argue that the government should have some role in shaping a more fair system, and they'll surely call you a marxist and un-American.
You'd think that poll results such as these would be encouraging to a Republican like me, but they aren't. With so many rank-in-file members out there concerned about the plight of our middle class, why don't any of our party's presidential candidates call for measures that will help more Americans get ahead, or at least alleviate the effects of our increasingly lopsided society? 
Numbers like these tell me there's an opening there for someone in our party to attract the attention of the majority of Republican voters, and give us a real alternative to the current lackluster crop of candidates. Strangely, nobody has the courage to be that person.
The conservatives are starting to realize the OWS message is resonating. Rove put out a memo recently pointing to internal polling which shows the overwhelming support for the Jobs Bill, for example. His advice? Call it a 2nd stimulus. They are in panic mode, trust me. After calling them mobs, some lawmaking are walking back the tough talk and saying they "understand their frustration." In a way to save face they are saying OWS should target the president, not Wall Street or Republicans in Congress. But it's too late. People know the policies Republicans have pushed for years and still push are the reason for the shrinking middle class.

A robust middle class has been the main thing that separated America from other world status (most third world countries have little to no middle class, only a few wealthy, and the all the rest poor). Because the middle class is shrinking, we are headed toward third world status, unless we can reinvigorate the middle class. The way to do this is NOT by giving the wealthy more tax breaks, as GOP mantra continues to profess.


I saw a survey the other day (I wish I could find it again) saying that 65% of the American people now earn $26,000 per year or less. If this is true, the middle class has already been gutted. Sen. Orin Hatch (R-UT) has said that the middle class has to "share" in the financial burden.

Dear Sen. Hatch, if this current trend continues, there will be no middle class to share anything. That means your upscale friends in industry (particularly the retail sector) will soon be hurting, because it is primarily middle class dollars that keep them in business. Another epic failure of Logic 101.

Glad to see that many Republicans do understand that the middle class is suffering and slipping into poverty. This is where the majority of Americans fall in the economic scale. If they go under, the country will go under. If " they don't want to help the majority of Americans .....what do they want ?" This goes beyond the rich just being plan selfish, but  we are talking about a a collapse of this country...a depression. Where is the Republican candidate who wants to help middle class Americans???? Will someone stand up ?

Last night I was re-reading parts of the Republican platform. It clearly says the GOP will offer additional tax cuts for middle class families, and to create a strong middle class. We are NOT supposed to be the party that protects the rich at the expense of everyone else!!  Is our platform only words, with no substance?   Or are Norquist and an oligarchy more important?

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