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By Shenainai - Posted on 03 November 2011

To say there is one Republican who would even consider voting for obama is pure asinine.   

If fact to say there exists someone with even the least bit of intelligence who would vote for obama is absurd...

Round 1:  obama has no experience, except for being a lawyer who sued 17 banks, including Citibank, for not giving loans out to risky borrowers... He sued under the false pretense of the banks racially discriminating.  And hopefully we all know how those risky loans were the cause of the colapse of our economy... And of course the big scam at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae... (google it)... which obama was paid a hefty sum... 

Round 2:  obama's first goal in office was to make a name for himself by totally revamping the health care system and converting it to socialized health care.  Interestingly enough, millions were out of work, but that didn't matter... obama had one thing on his mind... his "health care" system, which was so full of pork it oinked!  And by the way, it was so important, it wouldn't really go into affect until obama was out of office... 

So here you have it... A democrat "pres"... A democrat Senate... A democrat House... with all those dirty people, it still couldn't get passed...

So obama pulled out the guns...  You can google the obamacare bribes... Some he bribed with money; Some he threatend... And all this was done, just as obama said in his campaign - right behind closed doors... Wait a minute... or was did he mention the word transperancy?

Now this healthcare program is so good, that if you're a friend of obamas or pelosi, etc., when it all comes about, you can get a Waiver... so you don't have to be a part of it... Doesn't that sound good!

You can google all the other horrible things he has done... from failed stimulises to driving a wedge between the US and one of our closest alies - Israel.  To causing extreme racial and econimacal seperation. 

*** Breaking News... with just a few months left in his "presidency", he has now decided that commoners do need jobs... and is proposing another one of his "brilliant" bills that if you don't support, you are a "really bad person"...


Republicans for obama, is even less believable than pro-lifers for abortion!






Wow!!  Congratulations!  You managed to get in so many far right wing talking points into one post....Replete with bad spelling, grammar and punctuation.  Great job, I'm sure the Tea Party is proud of you.

I Googled "Obamacare bribes" and surprise suprise!  The page was nothing by right wing sites.  SO....Instead of telling us to "google it" the onus is on you to prove your assertions by backing them up with links to facts.  Otherwise, your words are irrelevant and a waste of our time. 

I see you are from Louisiana.  As one who has lived there all my life, I'm so embarrassed!

 excellent response

I'm so sick of uneducated, underinformed trolls I could just scream!!! 

The fact that the title of presidency is not capitalized, and it's in quotation marks, tells me that the poster probably is also a birther. 

Good catch, Kim....and more than once.  ~Suzi


Seeing the conservative trolls post on this forum is almost as fun as following the Perry and Cain campaigns.  I think I need some more popcorn!

Minn, I've been manning our FB page, and when a lot of them attack at once, it's no fun.  Arrrggghhhh   LOL

Yes, I could see that dealing with them in multiple places would be rough.  They aren't too prevalent over here.  At least on Facebook you can ban/delete easily when it goes too far.

Heh heh heh....I can block and delete here easily too.  But I don't do that in either place, unless (as you said) they go too far. 

On FB they sometimes post our page on their page or in their right wing groups, and swarm us over a lot of different threads.  When that starts, I don't give them much benefit of the or two troll posts and they're gone.  I do much better when they come one at a time. lol

Would someone PLEASE tell me... specifically and not just throw the word around.... what policies has President Obama pushed for that can be called "socialist"?

The health care bill - while I don't agree that it's Socialist I can at least kinda see where some less-informed folks think of it that way.  I don't like the health care bill that was passed b/c it wasn't what we were assured it would be; too many corporate interests got in the way - in my mind, it's way UN-Socialist because of that fact.  So we come to similar conclusions but for way different rationale.

Other than that, in what way is he Socialist?  I hear this even from professionals in my field.  I know they went to college and studied economics. 

Please, somone, list ONE SPECIFIC POLICY other than health care that you think is the "S" word?  I won't even require facts to back up your claim, though that would be helpful  (I'm long past expecting facts of support....) 

Some call the auto bailouts etc "socialist".  It just shows they don't know the meaning of the word.  Making loans to industry is NOT the socialistic policy of owning them.  GAH!

Some call the auto bailouts etc "socialist".  It just shows they don't know the meaning of the word.  Making loans to industry is NOT the socialistic policy of owning them.  GAH!

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