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Another Republican Stands Up to Norquist

By John Martin - Posted on 07 November 2011

Last week, I posted about Congressman Reid Ribble of Wisconsin, and how he won't sign the Grover Norquist tax pledge ever again.

This week, I highlight Idaho Republican Mike Simpson. Like Ribble, Simpson is willing to stand up to Norquist and speak the truth; our government is spending too much money, yes, but it is also taking in too little. He layed out these facts, and what they mean, yesterday on Fox News Sunday:

Well first, the pledge. I signed that in 1998 when I first ran. I didn’t know I was signing a marriage agreement that would last forever and I think that the majority of members of Congress understand that you have to have additional revenue. If you look at the percentage of the GDP that comes into the government right now, it’s about 14 percent — 14 to 15 percent. It’s traditionally been 18 percent, in that neighborhood. So the revenue coming into the government has decreased as a percentage of GDP. And the expenditures that used to be around 19 percent are now up around 25 percent. We’ve got to bring those closer together again.

I do think most members of Congress-- even most Republicans-- privately think we need to do something to raise revenue as part of a larger budget compromise. Now a small number is even getting the courage to say so publicly. Simpson and 39 other Republicans recently told the budget supercommittee that revenues should be considered to address our budget problems. Even John Boehner took a dig at Grover Norquist the other day, possibly to signal that some sort of revenue increase could be on the horizon. 

There's really only 2-3 things that I seriously dislike about today's Republican party. Perhaps top on that list is that we've so unwilling to consider tax increases-- even when they can be used to help us achieve other goals, like reducing the deficit, or reigning in entitlements as part of a larger budget deal. With so many baby boomers entering retirement age, it's time that we face the facts and admit that the Bush tax cuts never should have been put into place, and that it was wrong to wage two wars without first thinking about how we'd pay for them. The trillions that those two decisions cost us are already on the nation's credit card. It's time to get serious, and stop kicking our debt problem down the road.

A summary of other Republicans who have come out against Norquist, from The Hill:

 "A growing number of GOP lawmakers have disavowed Norquist’s pledge against supporting tax increases in recent days,"

IMPORTANT:  "In recent days."  In recent days coincides with Obama staying tough on conservative-bashing and getting some refreshed support from his base. No way conservative lawmakers are going to give up on Norquist as long as they had the president sniveling around begging to be loved.  But Obama has actually showed some fight and suddenly Republicans are feeling a little restricted in their ability to defend themselves.

Fight on, Mr. President.  No More Golf! No More Golf! 

Every Republican should rescind this pledge immediately and deciminate any power Norquist has.   What an ugly, arrogant, little man.   Representatives are elected to do what's best for their constituents and the country.  If they don't want to raise taxes, fine, but allegiance to this group diminishes their integrity.  Just as important now is that the Dems have latched onto Grover to blame for all their failures. After  237 years of relative peace and prosperity the USA has been brought to its knees without a shot at the hands of a vermin named Grover Norquist!  Implying he has more power than the President is laughable, but there are enough idiots to believe it.  Grover must go.


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