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The Three GOP Candidates Who Should Bow Out Now

By John Martin - Posted on 10 November 2011

Bachmann, Cain and that other guy.

Don't get me wrong-- there is a real benefit to keeping these wackjobs in the game. The longer they're out there campaigning, facing the media and flubbing things up in debates, the more voters are exposed to just how crazy the Republican party has become. For whatever reason, there's this feeling by many on the right that the nuttier a candidate is, the better. If nothing else, I hope this campaign teaches us a lesson, and we do more to vet and shut the nuts out from the start. 

But the fact remains that I love my party. Just as you wouldn't stop loving your family members  if they start drinking, or doing drugs or behaving irresponsibly in whatever way, I feel like I can't stop being a Republican. But even I reach a point where I feel like I've suffered too much embarrassment and shame, and just want things to get better. 

This morning, party leaders should be talking about one thing and one thing only-- how to marginalize or push out the worst of the Republican field, and save us from making us look even worse. Thankfully, there are strong signs out there that Perry's moment in the sun is about to set. At the time of this writing, his chances over at Intrade are 4.6% and sinking-- down from 9.3%  before last night's debate. Even more telling, there are rumors that his funders are looking for him to close up shop, and end his sad experiment.


The odd thing to me is that none of the candidates were beating up on Romney or Cain. Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Gang up on the front-runners? It's almost as if they don't understand the game. Romney-with all of his flips flops and Romney-care is such an easy target and Cain's China ignorance alone should be a no-brainer. I know people keep giving Romney high marks on the debates but is he really being challenged? I think it's great. If this is the worst he is getting, he will never be prepared for what President Obama can throw at him. Just think of of his stance on the Detroit auto industry and housing crisis. Not to mention he went to Ohio and (after a day of pretending to not take a side) offered 110% support for Kasick's anti-union bill which was REJECTED by voters big time. And he also supported the personhood amendment in Mississippi which failed in a conservative state. I think the GOP will have no choice but to support Romney in the end but it's a tough pill to swallow, no doubt.

I created an account for the simple reason I am dying to ask a question. Would it not be easier for you all to simply join the democratic party? I am not trying to start a fight, in fact this will probably be my one and only post. Mr. Martin claims he is still a republican but the few times I have perused this sight I see no evidence of that. What republican candidate would you support? Jon Huntsman? Romney?  As I said, not trying to start aything, I just think you might be happier registering as and fully supporting the democratic party.

I, personally (speaking for myself ONLY) used to be a Republican quite a few years ago. I was then a Dem for many years, and am now an independent. What you don't get is, it is not about a Donkey or Elephant label, but about what's best for the country.

Right now, GOP extremism is NOT what's best for the country; and since we have basically a two-party system in this country (unlike other countries where there are multiple parties) the Dems are basically the only SANE alternative right now.

I do think Democratic party politicians have been too timid, and not willing to stand up for what they believe in many cases (the reason I am now Indie); but that is slightly preferable to being the downright gutter-dwellers that many in the GOP seem to be now (Republicans on this site excepted, of course).

At the moment none of them for the General election.  A GOP candidate would have to be Lincolns caliber before I would vote for him or her.

I'm sorry, I am not a Democrat. 

The intellectual academic wing leaves me wincing and irritated from their embrace of the way they things should be, blind to reality.  Things should be THIS way and somebody else should pay for it.

The labor or union wing leaves me loathsome at the selfish destruction they have wreaked on our nation.  I want what I want and I want it now, and somebody else should pay for it and I don't care if I'm worth it, in my mind I am, and if I bring down an entire industry or an entire nation I don't care as long as I get what I want now.

Nope, the idea of being a Democrat makes my skin crawl.  It is difficult to even be around such people.

I'm a Republican in the sense of fiscal conservatism, pay for what you use, and a long term perspective, honoring previous generations who sacrificed to give us what we have and accepting our responsibility to not only pay for what we use, but pay for what those after us will need and use, building for the future, both ours collectively as a Nation, but by doing so, ours individually as we can prosper from what we have built collectively.

I agree that we must protect our environment, but we cannot do so oblivious to the reality of economics and a global economy.  Everything in moderation, as they say. 

Republican Teddy Roosevelt, a war 'hero' saved the nation from itself, creating the US Forest SErvice to manage our timber (we were nearly clear-cut) and creating the National Parks system for generations to come to appreciate.  I'm a Teddy Roosevelt Traditional Republican.

Republican Abraham Lincoln saved the nation from dividing in two.  Recognizing those readily recognizable by the color of their skin as not property but as fellow American citizens was a necessary by-product of the effort to save the nation for generations to come.  I am an Abraham Lincoln, Traditional, Republican.

Republican Dwight Eisenhower led the Allied forces to defeat the Axis in the 40s, and built the economic backbone of our Nation in the 50s.  Ike had been closely involved with and warned us about the military-industrial complex.  Ike saved our nation, more than once, for generations to come.  I am an Eisenhower, Traditional, Republican.

Like the Eisenhower family, we see Barack Obama as more like Ike than the current myopic uniformed or misinformed self-interested right wingers who dare to call themselves as Republican.

It is reasonable to believe that life begins at conception, but that is a belief, not a fact.  Although I would like everyone to agree with my belief, it is un-American to force that belief on everyone else.  Let's work to build in everyone a respect for life, both born and unborn.

I am a Traditional Republican, by no means a Democrat.  Obama is the best Real Traditional Republican running for President.  He just happens to be running as a Democrat.


Today's Republican party, by way of the Tea Party, has strayed far from its traditional roots. We were the party of racial equality, rights for women, advocates of providing some basic civil rights to prisoners of war, adequate taxation, and believed in what Teddy Roosevelt called the 'square deal' where everyone sacrifices a little and gets a little and goes away at least somewhat satisfied. Our party has supported strong safety nets, such as Social Security, for our most vulnerable citizens, and although most of us are usually men and women of faith, we gave believed in the separation of church and state.

The Republicans were the first party to ever raise the issue of campaign finance reform when Teddy Roosevelt declared in 1905 that "contributions by corporations to any political committee or for any political purpose should be forbidden by law." (I can gladly give you quotes from other traditional Republicans such as Eisenhower and Reagan if you wish.)

As much as opposition to excessive spending, opposition to corruption is a basic Republican value, and there is no more corrupting force in politics today than the need to raise massive financial support to campaign for office, which keeps many legislators fundraising throughout their terms and puts their virtue and principles under constant assault.

The basic problem is that today's "consevatives" are ideological fanatics, and there is no room for compromise in their worldview. That is a philosophy which is inherently contrary to the republicanism on which the Republican Party is based, which has at its foundation the idea of the rule of law, the balance of power and government by consensus. The extremists within our own party may be "conservative," but they seem not to have even the first idea what it means to be a Republican. Our goal is to regain control of our party, and see to it that their attempts to redefine and control the party fail.

As you can see, traditional Republican values align very well with those of Barack Obama.  That's why this Republican is FOR Obama. 

I joined because I think the President has done a great job steering the country in the right direction. My question to you is why do so many Republicans questions us supporting a Democrat, but are okay with Democrats crossing the political lines (remember all the Regan Democrat)? For me it is about what is best for the country, not the party and I hope more Democrats and Republicans will begin doing the same.


It's simple-- because for today's Republican party, you're either with them on every single issue all the time, or you're against them. This is a very recent phenomenon.

I choose to stay in the Republican party because of Lincoln.   I want to do what I can to return the GOP to the party it was back in the 1860's.   To that end I will vote democratic across the board.  The existance of liberal and moderate Republicans at the level of the electorate, is proof GOP R.I.N.O's don't have have control of every Republican voter.  That R.F.O. exists is proof not all Republicans are happy with the GOP. 

"It has been a hard pill to swallow", for me.  President Obama may not be re- elected due to the struggling ecomony. But what has been even worse, looking to see what kind of candidates the Republican Party has to offer ! Let's just say the pass couple of weeks has been very embarrassing for the party. It has revealed the lack integrity and substance. I am an Indepndent and so far, I will vote for President Obama.

I have strong negative feelings on everyone but Romney, Newt and Huntsman.

For whatever reason, nobody is giving Huntsman a shot, although I feel he easily matches up best against Obama.

With regard to the other two, my main concern is that I don't know how they would be as President. Both are smart and capable in many ways, and neither has a typically hard-right track record. But's that's the problem. Either COULD end up being an acceptable and decent president, but there's no way of knowing how they'd actually govern. 

The two most capable candidates to be President of the Untited States are Huntsman and Obama.  Romney should be capable but he has no spine.  Since the right wing will probably prevent Huntsman from even being a VP candidate, Obama would at this time to appear to be the clear choice for President.

Again I have to ask, would it not be easier to register as democrats and be done with it? No one really answered the question. If someone is really waiting for the republicans to revert to the party they were in the 19th century you must realize that will not happen. Mr. Martin you say you don't know how Huntsman or Gingrich would govern, but that apparently did not concern you with Obama.

So your answer would be that we should just cede the Republican party to right wing loons and be done with it?

CTM, my feelings are that to do that, we would just be giving the house keys to the theifs who broke in.  Like you, I refuse to do that.

Again I have to ask, would it not be easier to register as democrats and be done with it? No one really answered the question.

I'll answer your question, though I'm not sure you'll even read the answer since you're probably here more to antagonize than to listen.  But here it goes:

1. Why does questioning the GOP automatically mean registering for the other big party? I don't feel the need to make one big transfer of party affiliation just because I don't like the trajectory of the R-side.

2. Since I AM upset with the direciton of my party, what better way to change it than from the inside?

3. Since I live in a state with open primaries, I have never had to "register" as any party - ever.  Not everyone in this country registers their party affiliation.

4.  I'm not waiting for the Republican party to return to the 19th Century; I'm waiting for it to join the current one.  I'm waiting for it to realize that when it comes down to voters in booths, it's not abortion, or fences between Texas and Mexico that drive voting decsions.  What drives decisions is the best interest of those casting votes - what's impacting their pocketbook and their household at the moment. 

No, not trying to antagonize just curious. There is room for moderates, but they will not be allowed to set the party agenda. The democratic party is controlled by liberals, not moderates, its just the way it is. Ms. Miller you are not just questioning the party, you have joined the opposition. I see The anguish David Frum goes through and I wonder why people do this to themselves. The party is not what you want it to be, and probably never will be. Easier to join the democrats.

I can assure you that, as someone who is generally liberal on many political issues, that the current Democratic party, though definitely to the left of the G.O.P. is NOT in any way controlled by liberals as they (the liberals) would like to see the party move even more to the left than it is.  I'm sure many liberals will tell you the same thing.  Many here would consider President Obama to be a moderate who leans to the left.  I can assure you that in this current environment, no Democrat who is to the left of Mr. Obama will be nominated BY THE PARTY to be their candidate for president in 2016.  The Democrats are probably to the left of what you believe and thus are liberal compared  to your political beliefs.  This is another reason why people like Kim, Izzy, John and Suzi still identify as Republicans  - the arch-conservatives have moved the ENTIRE political spectrum to the right over the past 20 to 30 years, to the point that what was once seen as being on the edge of extreme conservatism (think Goldwater conservatives) are now seen as anywhere from being slightly left of center (i.e., "liberal") to "middle-of-the-road" moderates. 

Ok mmhiga, hope you all have a happy holiday season.

That's a fair enough response, except I disagree with your last sentence.

I think it's easier to join the Independents.  I realize that's not a specific party, however, I think if I had to label myself something other than Republican it would be that rather than Democrat. 

Why do I need the backing of a well-capitalized party?  I'm not ever running for office so I don't personally need either one of them for anything. 

My thoughts on Romney and Newt is not a question about their ability to Govern but their will to serve the America people.  I would like to know their track record of Bipartisanism and policy changes that have impacted the middle class or poor in a significant way. If the weight  tends to tilt away from  impacting the Middle class, then that is how they will Govern. There is no need to fool ourselves into believing that because these gentlemen are well versed in the political arena that their agenda will be to serve the American people.

President Obama has the political Will to serve the American people ( This is what we know!!). However, the vagueness  ( to both parties) in which Romney conveys himself leaves me to think that there are some policies that he will support that will go against the hard right ( such as the abortion issue), but I don't think he will be wiling to support the safety nets that are critical to the vulnerable in our society. Also, he seems to talk  a lot about voucher programs and privatization in a subtle way.  With his business Model mindset, he has consistently utilized downsizing and merging as a solution to balancing  the budget.  I am not convinced that he will advocate for the  middle class during the legislative process. He seems to think that you can create a voucher program or privatize everything to make things budget friendly.

Newt has made some weird comments about children labor laws that  scares me.  He seems to have the head knowledge  but lacks the compassion to empathize with the peoples' needs.  It is not enough to have the political knowledge but there has to be a balance between compassion and knowledge so that whatever policy decisions are made, the leader is cognizant of how the policies are going to affect the average American. I am not so sure Newt will think of how policies impact the average American; he seems to be bent on fulfilling a particular agenda without regard as to how it will grossly affect the lives of the average American. I will not be deterred by all the "SMART TALK" and reframing of every healthy social program  discussion as "BIG"  Government. President Obama is working hard to get America back Healthy and thriving again!!   Sadly, the far right is looking to repeal every law and policy that President Obama has passed or supported!! I think we need to look a lot closer and deeper at these gentleman before we decide that they will be good Statesman for the American people.

Right-wing loons? Sigh. I merely asked why not just join the democratic party. The positions espoused by the majority on this site place you squarely in the democratic camp. If you are this disillusioned with the party to which you once belonged, it is time to go. And by the way, no republican will win a national election without christian conservatives. The so-called right wing loons. Like it or not, conservatives are the majority of the party, not moderates, or in the case of most of you liberals. I can see this could get heated so I will wish you well and hope there are no hard feelings. .We are all Americans after all. We simply disagree fundamentally on what that means I guess.

"... If you are this disillusioned with the party to which you once belonged, it is time to go. ... "  While it is true that resigning from a club or organization is a common way of showing one's disapproval with said group, it is sometimes best to remain a member and try to change the group from within.  This is definitely the case here.  By educating current Republicans about what the party traditionally stood for and how it has so deviated from the norm, they are trying, in a civil manner, to put the GOP back on track.

"... no republican will win a national election without christian conservatives. The so-called right wing loons. ..."  I respectfully disagree with that.  No republican, indeed, no democrat will win a national election without MODERATES and the INDEPENDENT voter.  This is how Obama won after all.  The same will be true in 2012.  Whoever is able to win over the moderate and independent voter will win the election.  This is why so many here believe that Jon Huntsman and perhaps to a MUCH lesser extent, Mitt Romney, has the best chance of any Republican to defeat Barack Obama - because his appeal to the moderate voter.  

"... Like it or not, conservatives are the majority of the party, not moderates, or in the case of most of you liberals. ..."  While it may be true that conservatives may make up the majority of the Republican party, it became so because so many moderates left the party after determining that the GOP higher-ups weren't listening to them.  While I have no documents to back up my claim, I'm Suzi, John, et. al. will be more than happy to provide you with anecdotal evidence of former Republicans reregistering as either Democrat or Independent after being called a "RINO" (Republican in name only) or "(insert derogatory word here) - ing liberal" once too often.  They have seen the party becoming more exclusive - intolerent of those who are even a bit to the left what is held as being a "true conservative".  For many here, they have been a Republican for so long that it is like being home for them and the far right has unceramoniously barged in and kicked them out of the house.  People like John and Suzi, rather than shrugging their shoulders, simply refuse to give up their home without a fight.  Though I myself am not and probably never will be a Republican, I GREATLY admire and respect them for what they believe.

"... I can see this could get heated ..."  At other sites perhaps, but trust me on this.  Suzi and John (especially Suzi, our beloved RFO mama! (Suzi - I mean that respectfully!)) will not let ANYONE get away with belligerent name-calling, foul-language and the like.  Though my political views are mostly to the left, I love this site because of the incredibly FABULOUS job RFO'ers have done to keep discussions as civil as possible and while I may disagree on some things with people here, it feels like people like Central TX Mom, TinSoldier and yes, Suzi and John are my best friends.  I therefore invite you to stay and express your opinions, but keep it civil as you have.  Yes, you may get a few snarky or sarcastic remarks.  But overall, I think you will find some thoughtful and respectful comments as long as you and everyone else (myself included) keep it civil.

Yay!!!!  We're all besties!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my BFFs!!!!

Thanks mmhiga for your civility. While it is true Obama won with independents, he first secured his base. Mcain, by some estimates lost 20% of the conservative vote. In other words, he failed to secure his base. He probably would not have won anyway, but certainly had no chance by not convincing conservatives. It is not about exclusiveness, it is about principles. The democratic party will never nominate a pro-life candidate. Does that mean they are intolerant? No, it simply means their platform, their base, is pro-choice. I could go on and on, but you get my point.  I have no idea what kind of president Huntsman would make, or Romney for that matter. I prefer personally Bobby Jindal.

I take being thought of as the RFO mama as a high compliment, mm. ;-)  I always say I'm the Mama Hen. lol 

I'll be glad to fill him in on anything he wants to know about remaining a Republican, and the heat we take from the right wingers because of our moderate positions.  In today's version of the GOP, we are considered flaming liberals.  Our party has gone off the cliff that far to the right.  *sigh* 

You pretty much nailed it all the way around.  I couldn't have said it better, or as well, myself. 

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