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Obama on "Appeasement" GOP Criticism

By TomG NY - Posted on 09 December 2011

This made my day. It's going to make my tomorrow, too... and maybe most of next week!


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama  forcefully rejected Republican accusations that his foreign policy is timid and amounts to a policy of "appeasement."

"Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaida leaders who have been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement. Or whoever is left out there, ask them about that," the president said during a news conference."

Game, set, and match.

(Pretty funny criticism coming from the pinheads who spend most of their time appeasing Grover Norquist and are struggling over whether or not they should be appeasing Donald Trump.

Ooh-I wish Pres. Obama had consulted you and added that zinger about appeasing Norquist! Be sure to send that to his team. I loved his response too! The Republicans are awfully lazy to just drudge up the typical "Democrats soft on terror" attacks. Can someone give them the memo that Osama bin Laden is gone and it's not a result of Obama's appeasement policy? Oh, I guess Obama just took care of that memo. Foreign policy may not be the main issue in 2012 but it will certainly not be a negative for Obama and "appeasement" accusations or lines like "I won't apologize for the United States" will be a joke. I guess they'd rather talk about this than wanting to end Medicare (btw-Romney embraced the Ryan Plan fully in the wake of the surge of Gingrich...can you think of a greater gift to Democrats?)

That is great  Tom!! ----  I have been reading that President Obama and his team are getting ready to role out all the plans and implementations that President Obama has done!! ---They are building their coalition so the American people can see what  the President has been doing since he has been elected. It is going to be ASTOUNDING!---! When the American people actually see what historical things the President has done while  in office;  they are going to be surprised and possibly outraged at how much the far right has trivialized and minimized what the President has achieved. However, that will not stop their fear mongering!!---- We will see the fear mongering RAMPED UP!!! LOL----  But I have to believe that over half  of the American people are rational and when they see and hear all the policies in place and historical laws that have been passed by President Obama then I pray that their eyes will be open to the truth!!


I think it is an utter shame that the FAR right has been  DOMINATING the political arena!! They are consistently  challenging Republicans who have not Adopted their radical views and questioning their allegiance to the party. I am sure the Global leaders  around the world have been laughing to no end at the WIDE discord of Candidates who are running for office!!  Can you imagine what  the global leaders  are saying privately about the Candidates on the world stage who are not able to answer simple  policy questions in debates??   ------- The debates have not taken shape as yet towards the more in depth complex questions!!--- What is going to happen to these candidates as  they are put under the fire???!! ---- I am not sure how these debates are developed or who decides how many debates are necessary but I have not seen any with real substance yet ---! Most of the  American people are not even engaged into these debates so that should tell you how serious people are about these candidates!!  These candidates are a true laughing stock!! LOL


Some of the far right come on different forums and question why don't the so called Republicans just go Democratic as if there is something innately   WRONG with being a Democrat. There would be no RIGHT if there was not a LEFT!!-- Just as there is no LEFT without a RIGHT!!  The Legislative Bodies are suppose to be a team that balance each other not Antagonize each other!!    The issue is not the party you belong to but it is the people who make up the Team or Party!! --- It is just like a football team; there are  different players  but they are on the same team and they play for the greater good of the team not for themselves!!-- The Founder fathers originated the Democratic and Republican Parties to balance power not to determine which Party is Superior to the other!!


The far right is insinuating that they are a Superior Party to Democrats ! They don't Get it!----! It is not about Superiority  and being a Republican, It is about how the Parties serve the people!! ----- At least the democrats understand at the end of the day, It is the focus and need of the people that they must serve. Certainly, there are radical people on the Left but the Party has not gone completely insane yet!! However, the Left is just as imperfect as the right!! --- There are a great deal  many  fiscal conservatives and pro--life Democrats just  as there are pro-choice Republicans!!!---- What happen to what the Founding fathers CREATED??!! They created this system so we can have a Republic and a Democracy but it has turned into a  PARTY CLASH!!!! -- Until the far right understands that resistance is the ENEMY and COMPROMISE is the friend then they will slowly lose their voice and credibility!!!!


When a Republican or RFO is challenge to go Democratic,  just say it is not about THE PARTY ITSELF  it is about the PEOPLE in the Party!!!---PSTTT OH YEAH!!!  TELL THEM THAT OUR FOUNDING FATHERS CREATED THE  DEMOCRATS  TOO SO THEY CAN STOP HATING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!  LOL hahaha

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