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If this Continues, Obama will not be Beatable

By John Martin - Posted on 06 January 2012

As the Wall Street Journal reports today, this morning's jobs report is the real deal:

The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 8.5% in December, while a broader measure dropped even further to 15.2% from 15.6% the prior month, both at their lowest levels since February 2009.
While the unemployment rate has been falling in part due to people leaving the labor force, a large portion of this month’s number appears to come from people finding jobs.
As the AP reports:
The hiring gains cap a six-month stretch in which the economy generated 100,000 jobs or more in each month. That hasn't happened since April 2006.
And finally, let's remember that things continue to get better. 2009-- Obama's first in office-- was a rough year on the job creation front, but things have turned for the better since. 1.2 million jobs were created in the private sector in 2010 and 1.89 were created in 2011, which is the largest total since 2005
As long as voters think things are moving the right direction, they're not going to entrust the economy to a guy that made hundreds of millions of dollars laying people off. Only a global economic crisis, or some sort of foreign policy fiasco (a la the Iran Hostage Crisis) would be able to sink the President at this point.

Those are numbers Mitt Romney would have loved to see when he was Massachusetts Governor and manufacturing jobs plummeted in his state.


Oy.  "Unbeatable"? I beg to differ.

The only reason why jobs is/are the number one issue is that Obama and Democrats have been vulnerable in that area since the 2010 congressionals. Conservative press screamed jobs jobs jobs were the main issue and eventually mainstream media came along. 

If Democrats had the conservative's message machine and savvy, Obama would already be unbeatable for killing Osama Bin Laden.  If Bush had done this, that Texas-based textbook company that produces and sells more  history textbooks nationwide than any other company would have re-written the Bin Laden killing as the most important historical event since the defeat of Hitler -- with a sidebar about a dispute among "scholars" as to why Bush's killing of Bin Laden was MORE important than the defeat of Hitler.

10% unemployment? So what? Do 90% of Americans give a rat's rearend that the other 10% are unemployed. (Any more than 93% of Americans would give that same rat's rearend if the unemployment figure was a presumptively politically safe 7%?)

Bush beat Kerry in Ohio w/ 10% unemployment by diverting the electorate with a state wide gay marriage referendum.  You can win an election with 10% unemployment, unless of course your opponents have convinced you that you can't.

As the job numbers improve, assuming they approve, the right wingattacks will go to taxes, or national security, or apologizing for America (or hating America), or gay elementary school teachers, or public unions, or welfare state, or  Jeremiah Wright as terroroist, or anything where focus groups find Obama to be vulnerable, even if the economy is looking good.

Right wing media will hammer it first, then mainstream media will capitulate (as they did in 2004 when the Networks and then mainstream press picked up and ran the Kerry Swiftboat story as a news story eventhough, to date, there is no credible evidence that this story was anything more than a fabulously well funded and promoted fiction.)

Democratic strategiests and message morons will wake up late in the campaign, stunned to find that the economic figures are decent and their candidate is still vulnerable in other areas. It's about the economy stupid,...well, yes,  until Fox News figures out something else that works... and then it will be about that. And Democratic strategists will be left playing catch up.AGAIN.

I am not saying Obama will lose if the job picture improves. I am saying that Obama won't be "unbeatable" ever.  And the minute he and his "rapid response team" that still has not come up with a counter message to the  insane 2010 attacks on the  Affordable healthcare act ) thinks he is, he's finished. And should be.


I take the position that John indicated to some degree. First, I would like to discuss about a close acquaintance of mines. She is an educated (She has a Master’s degree in Speech pathology) Caucasian (Jewish descent) female who lives in the Midwest; she lives in a suburban rural town that is predominantly white. She has had very little interactions with minorities (She is young-- 29 years old) and I don’t think she has any interest in diversity. She is by all means a nice hardworking person. I and she happened to meet at a concert because we were drawn to a certain celebrity; we connected and kept in touch sparingly just to talk about this particular celebrity.

 As time went on (after a year), we talked about various social issues relating to a particular charity event.  Finally, we talked about dating relationships, politics and religion. She declared that she did not have a particular spiritual belief system (she did not practice Jewish Judaism), which was fine with me.  She said her political leaning was in the middle of the road but most of her family members were Republicans. I asked her if she knew any of the current Republican candidates and she admitted that she does not follow the debates; also, she reiterated that she does not follow politics at all!! Lol However, I was stunned when she commented and said   “do you know that the media said that the democrats wants to raise your taxes??” what media?? Where did she get this information from if she doesn’t follow politics and doesn’t know who the current candidates are?? I was baffled!! She vaguely remembered Romney and Jon Huntsman but she could not recall Gingrich or Ron Paul.  Its individuals like this that concerns me; she has no desire to learn about the Candidates but she believes whatever her family and friends say about politics!!!


I am concerned about the sheltered and narrow thinkers like her when they go to the voting booth. These people are either too lazy to learn about the political process and they believe it is enough to rely on their family and friend’s opinions or they are just bent ideologically and indoctrinated to the degree that there is no interest in being an independent thinker. This was an eye opening experience for me to know that in these dangerous political times, there are still people with their heads stuck in the sand of “denial”. I have come to accept that there will be people who will oppose Obama without question in our society. However, I do believe a large portion of our society has been EDUCATED immensely by observing the   riff RAF between the democrats and the Republicans. There were a lot of race baiting and sexist comments made by the Republicans that will not be FORGOTTEN when we go to the voting booth. I do believe a large portion of Americans   will be able to discern the difference in the hardcore media attacks against Obama during this election year. The vast majority of your well informed Americans will not be fazed by these massive deceptive media attacks that the republicans will unleash against Obama!!!


Sadly, there will always be people who will be passive learners and they will soak up whatever the media says but then there are those of us who have a solid foundation and will not be moved by the changing of the winds of the Republican con artists attacks!!! I believe there are more of us than it is of passive learners who will believe anything!--- I am concerned but I don’t live in this perpetual fear that Obama will be brought down easily by some Republican hyperbole attack!! Sorry for this lengthy comment lol

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