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Gingrich, Perry, and now Santorum: Socialists

By John Martin - Posted on 12 January 2012

Newt Gingrich's 28 minute attack on Bain Capital has helped draw attention to the nastier parts of of Romney's career as a corporate raider, but it has drawn Newt the ire of Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the conservative establishment. Now Romney is seen as the hero defender of the free market and Newt is a non-freedom-loving socialist, no better than the President.

Same goes for Rick Perry. He may have finally cooled his own Bain attacks, but he pissed off a lot of conservatives in the process. These attacks come right out of the liberal left's playbook, they say, and have no business being leveled by true conservatives. 
Among the candidates running to Romney's defense recently has been Senator Santorum. Already the darling of the religious right, Santorum probably figured he'd strengthen his free-market bona fides by praising Mitt's career at Bain. Which is why I was especially surprised yesterday to learn the truth about Rick Santorum and his own history of advocating socialist policies. In fact, the guy has written a book about how he'd like to turn the U.S. into a big-government nanny-state. Thanks to the guys over at for pointing me to the following excerpts of Santorum's It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good (2005):
What was my vision? I came to the uncomfortable realization that conservatives were not only reluctant to spend government dollars on the poor, they hadn’t even thought much about what might work better. I often describe my conservative colleagues during this time as simply ‘cheap liberals.’ My own economically modest personal background and my faith had taught me to care for those who are less fortunate, but I too had not yet given much thought to the proper role of government in this mission.
I suspect some will dismiss my ideas as just an extended version of ‘compassionate conservatism.’ Some will reject what I have said as a kind of ‘Big Government Conservatism.’ Some will say that what I’ve tried to argue isn’t conservatism at all. But I believe what I’ve been presenting is the genuine conservatism our Founders envisioned. One that fosters the opportunity for all Americans to live as we are called to live, in selfless families that contribute to the general welfare, the common good.
Sounds to me like the Senator is advocating for the redistribution of wealth, for what Santorum likes to call "the common good." Hard to believe that this guy won the Republican Party's Iowa Caucuses. Someone should have first examined his big-government views before all those unsuspecting Iowans chose him as their choice for President.
But it gets worse. It turns out that Rick was indoctrinated by a long line of communist Santorums, including his own grandfather and a number of uncles. He even visited his communist family on three separate occasions during the 1980's, right before being elected to Congress. I wonder what those family discussions focused on. Maybe Santorum should tell us now before more unsuspecting Republicans cast votes for him.
The hypocrisy is amazing. Santorium the Socialist. Wow. Conservatives are right to be very afraid of pulling back the curtain on the truth with Bain and other companies who destroy jobs and benefits in the name of "capitalism." With South Carolina's demographics so much different than Iowa & New Hampshire, Newt's attacks may just work. Recent polling shows Romney's lead shrunk to only 2 points over Gingrich in South Carolina. Which means Newt won't be backing off anytime soon and Team Obama will have much to smile about in the coming days and weeks.
From The Hill: Despite a historic sweep of the first two nominating contests in the GOP field, Mitt Romney holds just a two percentage-point lead in South Carolina, his smallest lead of 2012. Romney is the favorite of 23 percent of South Carolina voters, narrowly edging Newt Gingrich's 21 percent, according to the latest poll from Insider Advantage. Rick Santorum pulls 14 percent of Palmetto State voters, while Ron Paul rounds out the top four with 13 percent. Jon Huntsman's 7 percent and Rick Perry's 5 percent trail the pack. The numbers could indicate that Gingrich's aggressive strategy — which has included controversial attacks on Romney's business and abortion records — is gaining him traction by hurting the GOP front-runner. In the three other major South Carolina polls completed in the new year, Romney was earning 37 percent, 27 percent and 30 percent, according to Real Clear Politics — meaning his 23 percent in the latest poll marks a precipitous decline. Gingrich, meanwhile, has maintained a steady band of support between 18 and 23 percent.

And the GOP now has a primary season strategy that the Democrats adopted some time ago... proportionate sharing of delegates, instead of the winner-take-all policy when McCain was nominated in 2008.

I guess the RNC can now scratch one off their collective bucket list.


I wonder if Huntsman is looking to be picked for the Vice President role now that he has dropped out and endorsing Romney?? hmmm?? I am not surprised that he dropped out but now all that exists are the clowns as candidates!! lol  --- I am surprised that Mr. Perry is still in the race!

I guess he is going to have to lose every State before he realizes that he  has absolutely no chance!!---I see the the right wing fundamentalists has thrown their support behind Santorum; this support will keep him in the fire or it will propel him to be in the General election. Mr. Gingrich is roaming around and suing certain states because he is not on their ballot!! lol this guy suffers from a serious case of    "entitlement" . Although Newt seems to be 2nd in the South Carolina polls so it appears that he is still in the fire!!---- Romney narrowly has a lead in the South Carolina polls!!!  The volatility in the polls reflects the indecisiveness of the conservative population of voters!!  The Big name organizations, conservative leaders are trying to pinpoint their man but the general population of conservatives have not made up their mind yet!!


I think their dilemma is do they pick a republican candidate who they perceive can beat Obama or do they hold on in hopes that the Staunch conservative that they pick will beat Obama??? Either the conservatives could win with a less than perfect candidate like Romney or they could loose all together to a democratic President like Obama lol. They are taking a risk with a conservative like Santorum who does not appear to have the ability to capture people on the national level nor does he appeal to the masses. Santorum may even risk turning off the Hispanic voters; he sure will lose a lot of women's votes and those in the gay communities.  I think some conservative voters do not like Romney's politics but they can see him governing safely.  I am sure the moderate republicans are weighing in too!!  With all the mixture in the pot, this election process is not an easy cookie cutter.


I have read on some of the blog sites or articles that the Republicans are gearing up to keep the Key stone issue and immigration before this election process against Obama!! ---I believe the rational is the elevated numbers of deportations under his administration and his slow movement  on immigration. The keystone issue could put President Obama in a delicate position amongst his constituents and his strong supporters because some argue that it could create jobs while others say  it's an environmental risk.. I think  Congress  has decided the President has to make a decision by Feb 21st; Therefore, you can see that the executive and legislative branches are working independent of each other!!!---- I hope the Obama administration has enough ammunition to deal with the explosives that is coming their way!!

The concept of socialism in America doesn't really scare me.  We've had some socialism in our government since the New Deal.  We will never go through with a complete conversion to the larger socialism ideals (such as cradle to grave care and unlimited unemployment compensation), nor will we ever switch to communism.  Santorum and the religious right concern me most with their desire for dominionionism (a form of theocracy) and their views on gays, not their beliefs in social welfare. 

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle in which I partake, but I feel tax dollars would be wasted by putting pressure on gay people.  The republican strategy lately has been short on solutions to our financial problems and has instead focused on distracting voters by bringing up gay issues like gays in the military and gay marriage.  I hardly think these are threats to our national security.  Let's focus on the debt, the economy, and our role in the world and leave the small potatoes out of the equation.

I am looking forward to the State of the Union Address from the President. There have been little snippets of what issues he will be discussing: Job creation is at the top of the list!!  This speech seems to set the tone for his campaign process. I know his campaign and debates are a long ways from now but engaging the public in his ideas, plan and vision are a prelude into his campaign.  My desire is that the speech will contain substantive contents related to the issues affecting the American people today along with the fire, passion and conviction that he is committed to carrying it out!!  I know people are going to be interested in solutions to the issues impacting their lives today; as a result, the President has solicited concrete answers from small businesses, local and state representatives and community leaders!! 

He is not governing from the top down but he is collaborating with his constituents so real meaningful ideas can be implemented!! He is governing from a completely different approach from the previous administrations; he is putting into practice that he is “Serving the American People” by seeking solutions and listening to the people on the ground. Also, this tactic (Union Address and Panel discussions) is another opportunity for the president to galvanize and engage the American people to partake in providing solutions to today’s complex issues!! In addition, the president possibly will be sharing what he has done thus far to keep America on track from a major calamity. My hope is that he will articulate his historical policy implementation and its positive impact on the economy. People have to visually see that his policies have made a tangible difference in the economy!

 I am sure his opponents are going to be working overtime to discredit anything he says in his speech.  They have already begun to label President Obama as the “food Stamp” president; they are calling his extraordinary policy implementation as “Socialism”. These labels are meant to distract from the positive impact of his policy and to shape and frame the discussions going forward.  The motivation of these labels are to put the President into a defensive posture but the President is attempting to operate from an offensive position by being proactive and keeping people focused on his substantial policy implementation. We are beginning to see a new “FIGHT” in the president!! I believe he will be BOLD, Swift and Confident!! He knows that he has to stay ten feet ahead of his opponents; He may not fight with the same “DIRTY” weapons as his opponents but he can’t play “NICE” either!!-- I am hoping he throws in a few jabs here and there just to catch his opponents off guard but overall, I hope he gives it everything he’s got!!!!--- He has to Fight with a knock out drag out “PUNCH”!!---- His opponents do not understand “Integrity” and “fair Game” so he has to go on their turf “just little” to let them know what he is really made of!!


Certainly, when the President hits them with a hard punch, he is going to be accused of stooping very low but that will be his opponents’ way of saying   “We can play dirty but you can’t!!” His opponents know they are going to have use every weapon in their arsenal to take president Obama down; they will fight ULTRA dirty!!  I am sure they are looking for scandals against the president (scandals are big things to destroy a person’s credibility).  Last but not least, let’s start giving to the Obama campaign Now!! So he can continue the groundwork and grassroots building NOW!!  WE Can’t wait!! ---If we are not able to participate in the process, at least contribute on an ongoing basis so his administration can build the strong networking and grassroots that will give his campaign the voice it needs to Reach ALL Americans!! ---- Let our voices be heard by being fully engaged and committed to seeing this President has another term to serve the American people!!

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