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Obama Benefiting from Growing Optimism

By John Martin - Posted on 26 January 2012

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll finds that Americans are growing more optimistic about the economy and the overall direction of the economy.

Some of the poll's key results:

  • More people said they believe the economy will get better (37 percent) in the next year rather than worse (17 percent). That represents a reversal from October, when 32 percent of Americans said they expected the economy to get worse, versus 21 percent who expected improvement.
  • The number of people who said the country is headed in the right direction is just 30 percent, but that's up eight points from last month, and 13 points from October.
  • For the first time in six months, more people approve of the job the president is doing (48 percent) than disapprove (46 percent).

With numbers like these staring them in the face, it might seem like congressional Republicans  have no choice but to continue to block anything the President proposes. The only program with that is that congress' approval ratings are still at their all-time low, party as a result of the Republicans' obstructionist actions. 

The Republicans find themselves in a major pickle: any attempt on their part to look like they're cooperating with the other side will anger their base-- not a good move before an election. On the other hand, independents and moderates are starting to pay real attention to electoral politics due to the upcoming election. As the President and congress battle things out over the coming months, they'll be taking notice.


Those results must really upset the GOP. If they could point to even a slight decrease in optimism, they might have a shot. But that poll data is pretty devastating along with the Part II polling results released today showing President Obama strong against Romney and even stronger against Gingrich while then GOP brand is suffering greatly. The nasty GOP primary is really helping President Obama, no question about it.

Romney fares best against the president, trailing Obama by six points among registered voters, 49 percent to 43 percent. That’s a four-point improvement for the president from a month ago.

Obama, however, beats Gingrich by a whopping 18 points, 55-37 percent, expanding the president’s 11-point lead a month ago.

There’s also evidence in the poll of a Republican brand problem.

All of the GOP candidates are a net-negative in favorability ratings, with Santorum getting the best marks -- 26 percent positive, 27 percent negative. Gingrich gets the worst.

Romney scores 31-36, and it’s worth noting that Bob Dole, John McCain, and George W. Bush were all net-positives at the same time in their fights for the nomination. The exception of a recent major party nominee being a net-negative at this point -- John Kerry, who was 22-26 in January 2004.
“Romney’s numbers are net-negative, which is unusual,” McInturff said.
Hart added, “It’s hard to make the case that anything but injury has come off the Republican brand off Congress and electorate.”
The congressional approval rating is near record lows of 13 percent, and more people say the GOP has brought the wrong kind of change (31 percent) in Congress than the right kind (12 percent). That represents a drop for the Republicans from a year ago, right after they took control of the House as a result of the sweeping 2010 elections. In January 2011, 25 percent thought Republicans would bring the right kind of change versus 20 percent who thought they would bring the wrong kind.
Those attitudes are also far worse than right after Democrats took control of the House in 2006 (42-15 percent) and Republicans regained a majority in 1994 (37-11 percent).
Additionally, Democrats lead in who people prefer to control Congress, the so-called congressional ballot, 47-41 percent. It’s the fourth consecutive month Democrats have led on the question and it has expanded from their two-point lead a month ago.


I don't see Romney's numbers improving. Once independents really start to pay attention and once the Obama campaign starts spending hundreds of millions of dollars talking about Mitt tax shelters, etc., it's hard to see how people will come around to liking the guy.

Once President Obama kicks it into high gear campaign-mode, Romney has no chance against him. We wonder overseas, what Romney's wealth has to do with running for President as many Republicans claim to be the issue Democrats have against him? Well, it has NOTHING to do with it lol

Oprah is wealthy and people ask her to run for President (lol), do we hate her for being rich? No, because she's a sharp shooter when she speaks and she made her money in television, building her empire around media/magazine etc, but Romney's empire of dirt is what he hides in his tax returns, that he can disclose running for VP in 2008 with 20+yrs of tax filings, and only shows 2yrs running for President? WTF?! Weird!

It's not a case of him being wealthy, it's a case of how he became wealthy, and when you have the issue of offshore accounts and 13.9% tax rate being brought up, it's not hard for the sane to put pieces of the puzzle together and notice that things just don't up add with this guy to not like him... period!

The media there is really eff'd up too!

They have let Romney get away with too many bold face lies and twisting the President's words far too many times. I wish Newt and Santorum would just get out of the race already, so President Obama can finally hit back hard with TRUTH TELLING FACTS to shut down the lies, and in true Obama-esque form, they will always be ZINGERS and BOOM moments! *laughs at the many that come to mind that I've heard throughout 2008 campaign and Presidential speeches for dinners/fundraisers etc recently* Ridiculously funny!!

AnyWHO, I look forward to the day President Obama calls out and slams this pathological liar by crushing him in debates with his Oratory skills and Facts. The TRUTH always prevails!

six8five I AGREE  President Obama has great Oratorical skills!!!--- As we can anticipate that the GOP is ready to line up behind their eventual candidate so they can project one message!!--- Millions upon millions of dollars will be poured into the Republican campaign because they have the Koch brothers and other multimillionaires behind them. If I can recall, the GOP went to some type of retreat in late December or early January with some business tycoons to discuss policies lol --- The RNC knows that they are going to have to come BIG or don’t come at all!!  I find this whole political process very ironic!!  


Here we have the first minority president in the history of the USA!! Prior to being elected, he RAISED the most money ever in any presidential campaign without getting campaign funded money I believe???? This is Astounding!!!   He raised some 750 million Dollars!!! This is Unbelievable!!!  What we have to realize is that we are his money machine!! If we fall short in our contribution, then it is going to be difficult to see a robust competitive campaign that President Obama can lead in!! ---I don’t like to give money away but I see this contribution as an investment into my current and future plans.


The Democratic Party is raising money now because they are fighting voter suppression laws and the mandatory ID; in conjunction, the reason Eric Holder is getting so much flak from the Republican Party is because he heads the Attorney General office; they despise him because he is suing a lot of states that are implementing these erroneous voter suppression laws!!  Eric holder is getting a lot of heat so we are going to have to show our support to him because I would hate for him to step down for any reason during this election process because it would be near impossible for President Obama to appoint someone else in his place because the republicans would reject whoever he appoints!!!  Eric Holder is fighting with President Obama to keep the laws in place, so the Republican Party will not disenfranchise American voters!!--- If Eric Holder is not in place to keep the laws in place (I am sure someone will replace him), it will set Obama back! Also, I am not sure if we will have someone as aggressive as Eric Holder!!!!----- Eric Holder is hated by many GOPs and GOP Governors.


I Agree with John, the Republican Party has been IN fighting!! This is good for us but make no mistake about it, they will rally behind their main candidate!!!  The republicans see this election as the end of the world!! They are going to fight dirty and hard. The republicans will LIE, manipulate and deceive in order to win this election. I really believe that the republicans will lie to the American people in order to win this election on a false premise!! Anything goes for them!  (Lie, cheat, manipulate, distort the truth, spread scandals and conspiracy!!) My hope is that the Republican Party (far right wing) will show their true nasty colors and then the American people can see them for who they truly are!!  I hope we can get a majority in in the Senate and Congress so we can get this country moving ahead. When President Obama had the majority in both houses, he wasted too much time trying to convince the Republican Party to work in coherence with him to his peril!!    I hope the American people will realize that we need a strong (flexible and Compromising) Congress and Senate to stand behind the President.


WE know Norquist is the Republicans’ Master, so matter who the republican members are in the Congress or the Senate; they have made a contract with the devil!!  The Obama supporters are going to have to be very vigilante during this election process; as well as, we are going to have to be very vigilante post this election if Obama is re—elected or not!!

Kelly I do believe the last man standing thru the Republican Campaign will be battered but they will pick up some strength and fight as their OWNERS Norquist and the Koch brothers will demand it!!   I am sure we are going to have to participate very strongly, be it manpower or financial contributions.         

History does not always repeat, but it often rhymes.. we could be looking at "morning in america" style 1984 campaign like Reagan, except Obama in his place.. Especially the jobs numbers that came out this morning.. if this keeps up.. which i think there will be a few bumps, but I think the economy is going in the right direction for sure and as you can see the GOP is flailing around in response to these new awesome jobs reports. they really don't know what to do. I imagine they and wall street $$ koch $$$ will be thrown at Pres O..  to see what sticks.. but at the end of the day , if people sense improvement.. thats what counts, IMHO AND with the economy improving and foreign policy in the Dems and Pres. O's corner (Osama killed, out of Iraq etc) I don't know what else they can say.. so it will be a nasty campaign from  them NO DOUBT.. but i think we can get thru it..


OBAMA/BIDEN 2012  !!


I think President Obama can somehow use the Super Pac/Koch Brothers support against Romney. Just remind people who is running ads in support of Romney, how the Wall St. money is going to Romney and why...and run a campaign to reject that kind of influence which will only benefit the rich and take us backwards. I like the new message from Team Obama that we are slowly but surely moving in the right direction and warning against new policies that will disrupt the progress. Kind of an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. Ironically, this election's theme will be "Vote AGAINST change. Let's keep keep doing what we are doing to achieve true success and recovery."

This week's good approval numbers for Obama suggest that  much  of the general  public discounts right wing efforts to trash improving unemployment and economic figures (Limbaugh: the numbers are fraudulent; Boehner: not good enough; Romney: Failure for unemployment being over 8%; Gingrich: "anemic.").  The right probably has its influence but my sense is that a large number of the intransigent right wouldn't vote for Obama unless he wakes up white.

I am DEFINITELY liking his 3-4 month abandonment of bipartisanship as an ends, rather than a means (and not a particularly good one given the current GOP), for governing and getting the job done.


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Quit spamming this site, or I guarantee you will be banned. The mods will not allow this.

The Facts are the Facts.   We are not Concerned with Your Mods.

If You have no Facts then Terminate Your Account and stop pretending.

We do not spam.  We tell the truth on every single LAST Forum that exists.


We Post in 20.000  SITES a Month Debating and re posting/.. Answering and Commenting.


Sadly You have nothing but Lies.


SADLY OBAMA SUPPORTERS  have no message worth going beyond this SITE.








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