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That World Net Daily Poll - 20% of Republicans Would Vote for Obama

By John Martin - Posted on 09 February 2012

I saw it quickly yesterday and dismissed it, since it was commissioned by World Net Daily and "Wenzel Strategies," whoever they are. After seeing a bunch of other people get all jazzed up as the day went on, though, I decided to give it a closer look. It's not Gallup, but for the time being, it's the only poll that provides a general election prediction by voter affiliation, so it'll have to do.

The number that jumps out the most is that 20.2% of Republicans say they'd vote for Obama over Mitt Romney, with most of those (11.9%) saying they'd definitely vote for him. The poll says there's a margin of error of 3.44% here, but even if it's twice that and 12 or 13% end up supporting the President, that's a large rebuke of the GOP's message and their overall strategy this election season.
In my view, the reason this number might be so high is because Obama hasn't turned out to be the bogeyman many expected. Yes, most Republicans still don't like the guy and many are still convinced he's the devil incarnate, sent by Saul Alinsky and Joseph Stalin's love child to turn the U.S. into Sweden. Many quiet, well-meaning Republicans are probably also impressed that the President has fought an aggressive and balanced war against Islamic extremists, and has presided over a slowly-improving economy. The 9% of Republicans who supported Obama in 2008 probably feel that they got what they bargained for. A handful of others would have voted for him then if they knew Obama would turn out to be the centrist he claimed to be.
Sure enough, 19.1% of Republicans polled said that Obama has exceeded their expectations, and 17.3% say he has performed as expected. A conservative interpretation of those numbers seems to say that almost 1 in 5 Republicans are impressed with how the President has done, in spite of the wars and significant economic challenges he's faced.

I did a little research on "Wenzel Strategies".   Fritz Wenzel is a GOP pollster, who used to work for Zogby International as its director of communications,   He was also John Zogby's co-host on "Zogby's Real America,", providing commentary and analysis on fresh Zogby polling data though the Presidential election in November 2008.  Wenzel, like Zogby, does push polling and likes to adjust questions to get the answers their clients are seeking,

So that begs the question...Why this poll and this result?  Is it intended to scare Republicans into voting?  Is it intended to show the weakness of the field in order to create a brokered convention?  Is it meant to rally the troops behind a candidate endorsed by WND? I have no doubt that WND has a reason for this poll, and for publishing it.

But...... the result remains the same,   In 2008, 9% of Republicans voted for Obama.  Earlier polling this election season showed 12% of Republicans leaning Obama.  The insanity of the right wing, and the steadiness and pragmatism of President Obama is wooing moderate and thinking Republicans to his camp.

Interesting insight from a more liberal blog....

Needless to say the right wing is freaking out over this poll. They realize that if 20% of Republicans defect from their party to support Obama, they will not win in 2012. Some on the right are claiming that the improving economy is helping Obama. Others are blaming the ugliness of the Republican primary for making all of the GOP alternatives unelectable. Most of their blame is being directed at Mitt Romney, as they use this poll to call for more conservative non-Romney candidate.

We also can’t dismiss the wing nut theories that the 20% of Republicans are really Democrats who are being paid by George Soros, and that white guilt is motivating one fifth of Republicans to possibly support the president.

All of these theories range from the logical to the bizarre, but they all overlook something. The majority of the American people personally like Barack Obama, and the Republican candidates really suck. It isn’t just the candidates’ fault though, the root of the problem rests with the positions of the Republican Party.

The GOP has taken unpopular positions on raising taxes on the wealthy, killing Medicare, creating jobs, birth control, and just about every other issue (minus the deficit) that matters to the American people.


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Try it now, Clair...and let me know.  I think it's fixed.  Why don't you send me a friend request on FB, so you can easily get in touch with me.  (Here is fine too)  It's Suzi LeVeaux, and I set the page up just for contact with RFO page users. 

The serial stupidity of the Republican Party in the House and now in the

primary will be fatal unless it stops now.  Trying to tie superfluous issues

to the payroll tax debate is lunacy.  Supporting Santorum is incomprehensible.

He is a narrow-minded, sanctimonious twit who will repel independents.

The tea people MUST stop their little tantrum and recognize how "yucky"

Santorum really is.  All Obama has to do is watch the Republicans self-

destruct.  The left wing media can't believe the good luck which is propelling

Obama to victory.   Romney is the only viable candidate and the right

wing must stop trying to destroy him.  Santorum NEVER NEVER NEVER.







Republican Enthusiasm Gap Could Spell Trouble For Party In November...

Source of graph: Talking Point Memo

The GOP realize that if 20% of Republicans defect from their party to support Obama, they will not win in 2012.

Thanks for the link Suzi.

If Obama actually pulls in 20% of the Republican vote, I think that would be enough for people in the party to start having an honest discussion with themselves.

I don't know if it will or not, John. The party having gone off the deep end has been obvious to many of us for a long time. Maybe losing another election will be enough to make the powers that be in the GOP aware that, if nothing changes, it will be relegated to minority status for a long time to come. Even Texas, the largest pro-Republican state, is slowly becoming less and less GOP-dominated. Maybe losing the presidency, and losing control of the House of Representatives (I don't think the Dems can regain control of the house, but you never know--look at 2010 with the Tea Party!) would lead to a fundamental shakeup of the party but, failing that, I think they will just go about their merry way as if nothing bad had happened.

Mitt Romney is now in a very untenable position. He has to slide further to the right to try to cut Santorum off at the pass; but then, if he succeeds in getting the nomination, has to lurch back toward the center again in the general election. I would not want to be in his shoes.

I can't help but wonder if those discussions aren't already taking place behind closed doors,

The fact that Palin didn't run despite the prior hype.... the fact that the most extreme right-winger in contention right now is Santorum (and he's not ALL that extreme comparatively).... the fact that with every round of primaries there emerges yet another front-runner....

Surely party leaders aren't blind.

Poll: Obama leads Romney by eight points among all voters, nine points among independents.

What's most noteworthy in the Pew Poll chart above is the precipitous decline in support for Mitt Romney among independent voters in a hypothetical matchup with President Obama. In just one month, Mittens has lost eight percentage points among independents, while Obama has gained 11 points. Romney presumably will lose even more ground among independents if he further sucks up to fringe elements of the Republican Party in his effort to stave off Rick Santorum.The moral of this whole story is that the Tea Party wackos have painted the GOP into a corner.


Seriously, IMO Romney is coming across as a total liar. To make it even worse he knows he is not telling the American people the truth. It is just really friggin weird. It's bizarre. There is a reason he doesn't do many interviews.

I saw polling today from PPP that showed Santorum doing better than Romney in the general (Obama 49, Santorum 44 vs. Obama 49, Romney 42) with Santorum doing a little better with Independents. Please tell me Independents are smarter than that. Would they really vote for Santorum? Or do you think many people just haven't been introduced to Santorum's extreme, conservative views? I can understand the GOP base loving him and he is consistent on his extreme positions, unlike Romney the flip-flopper. But he is SO firm in his beliefs, I just can't see Santorum "coming to the center" for the general as most smart candidates are happy to do. I think President Obama will be the clear winner whether he faces Romney or Santorum, but a Santorum presidency scares me more than a Romney one if the winds should change.


Dear President Obama and Supporters.

We are a group of Tea-Partiers, Conservatives and Non-Mitt Romney Supporters. We are here to support President Obama only if Mitt Romney is the Republican Nominee. 

If Mitt Romney fails to secure the Republican Nomination we will do anything to support the Republican Nominee. 

But if Mitt Romney becomes the Nominee we have a good grassroots operation accross the country to not only beat Mitt Romney but also to launch Republican challenges to any candidate who has endorsed him. If we cant beat the Establishment candidate in the Primary we will throw our full weight behind the Democrat. Except only in two cases the Democrat is in Texas which we want to turn more Republican or the Democrat is endorsed by Emilys List.

Also we would Prefer if we do endorse President Obama. President Obama decides to end Hillary Clintons involvement in Politics.

You might ask why we are doing this it is simple we would rather have your side win and have a True Conservative Party than win have no where to go then to spread the Conservative Voice.


Conservative Voice

Very interesting. It shows the intrinsic weakness of Mitt Romney as a GOP candidate. Needless to say, if this is true across the board (see the topmost entry in this thread) we Obama supporters would gladly pull for Mitt to emerge from the primaries as the nominee.

I saw an interview last evening on CNN with Rev. Billy Graham's son, and he was asked about whether Mormons were "Christian" or not. Graham said (paraphrasing) most "Christians" do not think LDS members are true Christians; that, even though they profess to believe in Jesus Christ, the latter day Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and some of their "strange" beliefs that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ or his teachings, would preclude most "Christians" from considering them as real Christians.

This could be a real stumbling block to Romney in the GOP primaries, but especially in the GE.

Go Mitt!

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