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Obama official: All women will have ‘free contraceptive services’

By thelibrary - Posted on 10 February 2012

So this is the kind of thing you guys support ? Forcing insurance companies and employers to provide "free" coverage even religious ones ?



Speaking on background Friday morning, a senior administration official told Raw Story that despite the planned “accommodation” for religious groups pushing back against universal contraceptive coverage, “All women will still have access to free preventative care, no matter where they work.”

The “accommodation” being made will remove the burden of paying for contraceptives from religious employers, placing it entirely on health insurers instead.

“Women who work at these institutions are going to have access to these free contraceptive services, that’s guaranteed,” the official said.

The Catholic Church, which considers use of contraceptives a sin, had been pushing back against the new rule, calling it an attack on their religious liberty.

The Obama administration had initially given Catholic non-profits a one-year grace period to implement the rule, whereas all other private health insurance plans will begin offering free contraception by August 1.

An exemption for religious non-profits that hire exclusively within their faith remains in the rule, officials said. Religious groups that receive an exemption must also provide their employees with information on how to obtain contraceptive coverage.

“This is a very common sense solution that holds to core principles the administration holds dear,” another official concluded.

This "controversy" is absolutely insane. If Republicans want to make the elections about contraception, bring it on. They will get crushed between our legs.

Hmmmm, "if Republicans" ?


I'm suddenly getting the feeling that you and others here are not actually Republicans.

But Misty this issue is not about contraception, it is about the government forcing organizations to pay for something that they perceive is against their faith.

That's right, Brandon!

I personally think the entire thing is bordering on being unconstitutional anyway. While I believe the Catholic church's position on contraception is ridiculous, forcing it to either shut down its services, or provide services it deems to be against God's law, is not something this or any other administration should have done.


The administration is not forcing THE CATHOLIC CHURCH to provide these benefits.  It is saying that THE BUSINESSES that are operated by Catholic groups need to provide these benefits.

Here is a for example:  Here in Austin, Texas, SEVEN OUT OF THE EIGHT HOSPITALS in this not-small city and a large number of clinics and other medical services are run by the Seton Healthcare System which is a Catholic network.  If you want to be a doctor, nurse, janitor, or other type of employee at a healthcare facility in this town, you most likely are going to have to work at a Catholic facility.  They damn-near have a monopoly in this city.  So does that mean that the many thousands of people who work in the medical field here by definition all have to bow to the Catholic church?  What if it was a network run by Jehovah's Witnesses?  Should they all then not be able to have blood transfusions covered by their health insurance?

Should we all have to be governed by the beliefs of our employers?  What if my employer decided that it didn't want to cover something that most other insurance companies cover as standard coverage?

The Affordable Care Act was creating a base that insurance plans needed to cover.  Insurance plans could always cover more, but they couldn't go below the standard baseline.  Not providing coverage for birth control pills goes below the standard baseline.

The vast majority of Catholic women have used birth control themselves, so it is not the women who are or would be covered by this insurance who are arguing against it.  Remember that these birth control rules are being dictated by men who theoretically don't have sex themselves and are even against the withdrawal method being performed by those people who are having sex.  The health and well-being of women is not foremost in this group.  They are not considering that a good percentage of women who use birth control pills use them to regulate their periods or keep endometriosis under control.

While I appreciate the splendid leg crushing visual   :-)  Obama's back peddling is necessary to keep liberal and moderate Catholics in his camp. He won the catholic vote in 2008 by 54-45. He would have (and still might have) lost a big chunk of that lead if he had not recalculated his position.  He appeased the liberal and moderate Catholic leaders he is going to need for a 2012 win.

I agree with Brandon (a rarity for both of us) in that there is no way Democrats were going to be able to out promote (or spin or sell) conservatives' positioning this issue as a government encroachment on religion -- and that's because a lot of pro-Obama, pro-health care reform Catholic leaders felt that it was precisely that.

Obama should have seen that coming. Biden warned him as did some key Democratic catholic congressional reps and senators.  The original proposal was too restrictive for liberal leaders to buy in.  He needs to reverse the wedge so that liberal and conservative Catholics are debating each other instead of the WH arguing with Catholics in both parties.

Fox News poll

The new Obama health care law requires that employer health plans provide birth control coverage as part of preventive services for women. Catholic and other religious-affiliated hospitals and universities typically have not provided any birth control coverage for their employees, and oppose the new requirement because it violates their religious rights. Overall, do you approve or disapprove of requiring employer health plans to cover birth control for women?

Approve 61%
Disapprove 34%
(Don’t know) 5%

GOP 1: "Ow! Why does my foot hurt so much?"

GOP 2: "Don't know! Just keep shooting!"



Now that President Obama has brokered a reasonable deal by not allowing the religion affiliation facilities to mandate covering contraception for women, I was hoping that the issue would resolve; however, it seems as if the Bishops of the Catholic Church are still trying to “PUNISH” the President by keeping this non-issue before the public. Some Catholic Bishops are not satisfied with the decision because it still means that those working for hospitals run by Catholics will be covered by insurance carriers or the religious organizations have to direct their employees to agencies that do provide contraception. I think the conservatives and catholic bishops would be wise to move on from this issue because the women voters will see this action by an ALL MALE body (catholic Bishops) as an exploitation of women’s rights.  This could work in Obama’s favor because he tried to accommodate the conscientious of Catholic organizations but still provide services for women.


Again the conservatives (GOP and right wing) are ramping this issue up as a conspiracy theory that President Obama wants to attack the Christian faith.  I am just baffled at how quick and robust the fear mongering right has taken this issue and spread it like wild fire among their followers.  The right wing will continue to look for any hint of a controversial issue to exploit. It seems as if they feed off slime!!   I am a very strong Christian with conservative views but the twisted ideologies coming from the right is unbelievable!!  They will stop at nothing to brain wash people. Sadly, a lot people are blind and refuse to use their own brain to think for themselves!!!  

Despite what the polls say on this issue, I am against the government forcing religious groups to provide a product that is contrary to their beliefs. I would have thought the vast majority of Republicans would be against this kind of government intrusion.


It isn't churches that this is concerning, it is businesses that employ and serve all people.  And they aren't being asked to provide birth control themselves, they were just to provide health insurance that provided the coverage for it.  Now, that has even been made more lenient so that they don't actually have to do so but the employees can still arrange with the health insurance company themselves without involving the Catholic church.  The Catholic church is even against that.

When they are a business taking federal funds, they they really should provide the same coverage that all of the other business who take federal funds are required to do.  And they employ people of different faiths, so why can they mandate those people's health coverage to meet their faith?  What if it was a business run by people who were Jehovah's Witnesses?  Could they require that their employees not be able to have blood transfusions covered?

Now, remember, this isn't a new mandate everywhere.  Many states already had this requirement and no one freaked out over all those years until it came from the Affordable Care Act.  Why wasn't the Catholic church throwing itself around in those states during all that time?

And really, this wasn't "religious groups", really.  It is only the Catholic church that has a problem with birth control.  But, really, they are against condoms and even the withdrawal method, so I have a hard time taking them seriously at all.

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