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Happy Valentine's Day

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 14 February 2012

Well, we know one couple who will be celebrating a fairy tale romance today : )Happy Valentine's Day to all of my RFO friends.

Happy V-Day to you, Amy. Hope you got all the flowers and chocolate you wanted.

Happy belated Valentine's Day everyone. I hope you all had a great day.

I had a pretty good day yesterday though my family had a pretty good scare over the weekend. My father went to the hospital Saturday afternoon, turns out he was having a heart attack. Although it was a mild one and we caught it fairly quickly, it comes not even a year after his brother died from a heart attack, so we were all freaking out. He had a couple stents placed in and he came home yesterday afternoon. I was so glad to see him back here and things are returning to normal here.

Then later yesterday I went to visit my girlfriend and we exchanged our chocolates. I got her a heart-shaped Russel Stover box and she got me the letters "I <3 U" in big chocolate pieces. So, overall it went well.

That IS scary. Glad your father got treatment quickly. Not a great way to spend Valentine's Day  but at least he is ok-thank goodness.

Oh the day itself yesterday was made great because he returned home and is doing well again.

How DARE Obama display "family values" by loving his wife (still his first, I might add). You realize it's all a trick don't you? This pretending to be happily married and a good father. It's just a ruse to lull the country into a false sense of security right before he distroys the American family, Christianity and marriage. No one knows if this will occur before or after he turns America into a communist, fascist, muslim, state and invites all the terrorists to live there enjoying free state run health care (at least all the ones he hasn't taken out in his first term....which he only did to lull America into thinking he is not really a muslim terrorist sympathizer in disguise.

From the moment he had Hawaii and his parents/grandparents take out that fake birth announcement to hid the fact he was born in Kenya....this guy was up to something.


LOL hahahahahaha that's the way the fruit cakes thinks lol

It just shows how utterly asinine these idiots really are.

Even after 3+ years as prez... killing almost every terrorist in sight... sending drones over Pakistan, which even George W. was afraid to do so as not to anger the Pakistanis... supporting pro-democracy movements in Arab countries which toppled dictators... showing Somali pirates that hijacking American ships can be hazardous to one's health. Even after all that and much more this guy is still an anti-American muslim intent on destroying everything the country has accomplished since 1776.

I guess stupidity is just in-bred in some people!

Beware-saw this article referenced by a right wing "friend" on Facebook accusing Michelle Obama of inspiring a Nanny State of healthy food for our kids and that she just wants to take our freedom away. Granted this was a dumb move by a state inspector, but do they really think Michelle Obama organizes sting operations to catch 4 year olds eating bad things? One poster said that our soldiers fight for those freedoms and we are in danger. I wanted to comment "Our soliders fight for the right of our kids to eat french fries?" but I held back. Michelle Obama is a wonderful, beautiful First Lady and I just don't know how some can demonize her. I figure if this is the worst they've got on her, she is doing an A+ job.


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