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Is it Morning in America?

By Kelly Thomas - Posted on 02 March 2012

Although it makes the Anti-Obama crowd on the right and the Anti-Reagan crowd on the left uncomfortable, it's not difficult to note many similarities between President Reagan and President Obama in areas including governing style, personality and the challenges they faced during their presidencies. I thought I would share this article from TPM and the interesting chart that will make you wonder...Is it Morning in America again?

On Wednesday, Treasury Department officials briefed reporters on the current state of the economy, including official revisions showing that GDP grew faster in the last quarter of 2011 than previously estimated, and that savings are indeed keeping pace with renewed consumer spending.

The officials stressed they don’t interpret the positive news of the past few months as definitive signs of a blooming economic recovery.

But one senior official made a key comparison — one that provides insight into the potential magnitude of recent developments.

The official pointed to a chart we’ve recreated here:

The basic point is that under Presidents Reagan and Obama spending as a share of the economy climbed, and taxes as a share of the economy fell, during deep recessions. But the officials noted that they picked two years, 1983 and 2010, because they represent similar moments in the business cycle.


If they’re right, it portends good things for the U.S. After all, 1984 was “morning in America,” and barring unexpected contractionary policies, a similar boom would put the economy on a healthy path toward recovery.


There are a lot of similarities, no doubt. However, while the country felt like it was back in the game and things were looking up back in '84, this time around I think the best we can realistically hope for is cautious optimism. The problems Obama inherited are much deeper than those Reagan had to deal with.
Very true, John.

Under Reagan the mortgage interest rate at the end of Dec. 1984 was 12.38%. President Obama got my vote.

As soon as Obama can compare with the growth rate of the economy under Reagan, we'll talk.












Unemployment Rate






GDP Growth (Previous Year):   






Prime Bank Interest Rate






Read more:



Let's not get carried away!

Obama is no Reagan.  But he's alot better than the idiots the Republicans are putting up!  

Good grief is Mitt Romney weak or what?  He can't put away weak candidates like Santorum and Newt?  

Now he's on record supporting Obamacare!

Obama does not always make me happy but he's been better than Bush and I think he deserves one more term.  The economy is turning around and Obamacare is yet to be determined if it will succeed or not.  I hope it succeeds for the sake of the country.  We know Mitt Romney approves.  

Romney is a weak candidate because unfortunately conservatives do not trust him. Romneycare, and abortion are just a couple of issues he has flipped on making his stand now on suspicious.

I however will take his resume any day over Obama's who IMO was unqualified to be president going into '08.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Reagan would NEVER travel the country on a venom and divisiveness tour.  He wouldn't even critcize other Republicans, much less encourage rich against poor, black against white, banks against the people, etc.  Even if I agreed with Obama's failed agenda, his insulting and vicious rhetoric is an embarrassment to the country.  In addition, Reagan always led from strength not "from behind".  When will the country understand just how disastrous Obama's foreign policy has been?? He has encouraged the entire mid-east to rise up, he impaired national defense with Start and even promised Russia more "flexibility", he has put Israel in existential danger, his "relations" with Iran are a joke and quite likely will let them get nuclear weapons, and N.Korea felt free to lob a missle two weeks after having come to an agreement for food.   Put the KoolAid down and do your research.  Obama wants to control the economy, replace freedom with bureaucracy, and capitalism with socialism.  WAKE UP.  The gap between Obama's words and actions knows no bounds.  At least Romney's positions evolved over time.  Obama's holds opposing positions simultaneously! Compare his actions to his words on energy, immigration, debt reduction, gay marriage, Israel and border control just for starters.  The willful blindness of the masses and media is frightening.

Dude Change the channel.

You are proof that far right-wingnuts just can't correct themselves or learn from their mistakes.  And try to coverup with a load of BS.  You're so over!

Besides all that other garbage, it's FLAVOR AID, genius!

YOU go get some facts.

"Romney's positions have evolved over time"

Oh, is THAT what it's called these days?

I'll have to remember that.


A smart man learns from his mistakes.

A truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others!

Obama 2012

Bravo, Andrea!

If Obama is re-elected, it will definitely be mourning in America.

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