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Republican Super Tuesday

By Misty - Posted on 06 March 2012

Exit polls in Ohio show Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum tied among Protestant voters -- but they have Mitt Romney leading, 43 to 30, among Catholic ones.


About 45% of voters in Ohio identified as white evangelical Christians, per exit polls. That figure was 40% in 2008.


White evangelical turnout also up slightly in Tennessee -- 71% this year versus 66% in 2008.


Exit Polls Have Santorum Holding in Oklahoma

Catholic Vote Could Hurt Santorum in Ohio


Romney wins Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia

Santorum wins Tennessee

Gingrich wins Georgia

Santorum also takes Oklahoma. Still quite the dead heat for Ohio.

Santorum wins North Dakota

Santorum holds the lead in Ohio with more than 60% of precincts reporting. Santorm currently has three wins tonight, as does Mitt Romney. Newt Gingrich has just Georgia so far.

Nate Silver: Romney underperfoming EVERYWHERE

Yes! Let the clown car roll into summer.



Mitt Romney has taken the lead in Ohio with 86% of precincts in.

Looks like Romney will pull out Ohio by a small margin, but wow-it is amazing how much he has outspent Santorum and he still is not getting big rewards for it. He really needed decisive wins to finally put this contest in the bag and move on to the general-but tonight was really bad news for him. Perhaps Santorum can really start to nail Romney on his support for the mandate and Obamacare and capitalize a bit, but I still think Romney will be the nominee, although broken and bruised. So Super Tuesday turns out to be a super gift for Team Obama. Romney comes out damaged badly, limping-not sprinting-to the finish line. We'll hear more calls for a savior candidate. The race will get even uglier which will drive GOP approval down even further. We'll probably hear more crazy stuff from or about Santorum and more Romney gaffes. Most importantly, Romney must spend much more money on the primary which means less on hand for the general. Once again, the big winner tonight is...President Obama.

It is being said Romney may have to use some of his own money in the general. Last time he spent $45  million of his own.


Romney's financial problem is that his campaign had hoped it would be in a commanding position to claim the Republican nomination by now, allowing it to transition to the general election campaign against Obama. As a result, he built a financial plan for a shorter primary campaign.

Campaign finance reports showed that Romney spent nearly three times as much money as he raised in January.

While Romney still had far more left in the bank than his opponents did at the end of January -- $7.7 million -- the rate of his campaign's spending wasn't sustainable. Romney had to either increase the amount of money coming in, or cut the amount of money heading out.

Part of his challenge is that most of the money the campaign had raised had come from donors who had already donated the maximum amount allowed by law. That means Romney must find new donors to write large campaign checks or create for the first time a successful small-dollar fundraising network.


CNN just projected a few minutes ago that Mitt Romney will win the Ohio primary. Alaska is the only state that remains to be called for the Republicans.

I still find it tough to believe that Romney, the Mormon, received more of the catholic vote than Santorum, the catholic.

Of course, I also find Gingrich staying in the race to be completely non-sensical. I can see NO PATH to the GOP nomination for him. As for Ron Paul, who has not even prevailed in one state out of 20 so far--at least Gingrich won South Carolina and Georgia-- he might be contemplating a third party run. I don't think Gingrich can even think about doing that.

Gingrich is going all the way to the convention - said his daughter today on CNN.

Yet, this fight is not even close to being over. The race is down to two candidates with a chance to win the nomination -- former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Governor Rick Santorum. Land Rover Range Rover Even with the dwindling number of candidates in the race, it seems far from over.

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