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Super Tuesday #2

By Misty - Posted on 13 March 2012


Rick Santorum wins Alabama primary. Rasmussen got this one wrong... they had this one for Gingrich +1. Goes to show!



Rick Santorum wins Mississippi primary. Rasmussen got this one wrong also ... they had this one for Romney +8.


Romney singing Nina Simone song tonight -  Mississippi Goddam

Alabama's gotten me so upset
Tennessee made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam

Can't you see it
Can't you feel it
It's all in the air
I can't stand the pressure much longer
Somebody say a prayer


Amazing that Romney loses to Sanorum after all that money spent. I realize Romney never expected the South to deliver big for him, but he didn't even stick around for a speech. Kind of seen as giving the cold shoulder perhaps. I am amazed that Romney's message lately is "math is on my side with delegates." He may be right but he is probably turning off voters with that "you are stuck with me" message vs. an inspirational message of why he is the better candidate and will take the country in a better direction. He just seems so much in a bubble. I don't think it will happen but if Gingrinch gets out, Santorum has a much easier time collecting delegates. Don't think Romney wants to face that math.

As long as someone is funding his super pac and underwriting his campaign, Gingrich stays in. Winning/schminning... his campaign keeps him on TV (which he LOVES);  enhances his book, dvd, and speaking income; and  elevates his wife's commercial visibility (she is involved in various "Gingrich Inc". subsidiary projects).  Besides... one of his opponents could have... you know... an unfortunate, unforeseen mishap of some kind.

Personally  I would like to see Gingrich win two terms because I am eager to see what his 4th and 5th wives look like.  :-).


I am beginning to think that this summer's GOP convention in Tampa might well be a brokered convention.

It is quite possible that Romney may not garner enough delegates (1144) to clinch a first ballot nomination and, if that happens, all bets are off as to who would get the nomination. That is why Gingrich is staying in. He knows he can't accumulate 1144 delegates, but he's hoping that no one else can either.

I have the sometimes fortunate, sometimes dubious honor of living in AL. Yesterday when I got to the polls at 10:30, there were already 17 pages of sign-in sheets for the GOP and four names on the Dem sign in. All the people exiting were older, mostly couples, and white. My car has an Obama 2012 and a Republicans for Obama sticker in the window. I skipped voting for a presidential candidate, but I wanted to cast votes against several people running. In particular, Roy Moore for SCJ and Spencer Bachus for HoR. Neither of our senators were on the ballot, although I certainly wish Sessions had been. 

My friend was on the ballot to be a delegate for Newt, but I didn't even vote for her. She sent me an email saying that Newt was the smartest man in the US and that he would be a brilliant president. I couldn't even respond. When she saw my Obama stickers, she gave me one for Newt. It was a nice oval shaped one. I thought about drawing a diagonal line across it and putting it on my window, but I wouldn't hurt her feelings like that.

We have a lot of differences of opinion, but she claims it all stems from the fact that I am not Native to AL (born and raised out West) and therefore I have confused values. 

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