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Tyler Perry gala for President Barack Obama

By Misty - Posted on 17 March 2012

March 16th - Atlanta Georgia

When you mix media mogul Oprah Winfrey, filmmaker and producer Tyler Perry, mega pop star Cee Lo Green, President Barack Obama and Atlanta entrepreneur legend Mack Wilborn, it’s a recipe for success. The general admission for tickets was $500. The Obama Victory Fund is reaping a $5 million benefit from the efforts of these cultural icons.

What enthusiasm gap? Atlanta

I when he goes on one of his rounds...

US President Barack Obama drinks a Guinness beer at The Dubliner pub on March 17, 2012



There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama 2012 - Corrigan Brothers

I am constantly amazed at how the world is able to appreciate the President but on a domestic front we continually doubt him at the slightest challenge or mishap. I understand that the wavering of the American people is due to his actual Governing of the United States. However, no other president in modern times has faced the monumental tasks that the President has faced in these times. It would have been extremely difficult to balance the depression whether it had been a Republican, or experienced person who obtained the presidency.  It is astonishing how President Obama’s opponents have attempted to trivialize his skill at navigating this MASSIVE downturn in the economic system. It all came down to DECISION MAKING!!  The previous President (George Bush) was the Governor of Texas; his father had served in the political arena for many years; as well as, he served in the highest office of the United States as President. President Bush had years of experience in politics along with mentorship from his father. Did his years of experience in politics make him an effective president?? ---I think not!

The fallacy that experience in the highest levels of government automatically makes you a good candidate for the President is false!! That has been proven over and over!! I am not advocating zero experience in the political arena but it is a myth to dismiss someone who only has experience as a State Senator!! President Obama served in the local and state offices which gave him insight and experiences on how the political process operates. Also, being a constitutional lawyer was helpful for him to interpret the constitution and work within the framework of the law. He understood history as it relates to world affairs (International Politics to some degree). His diverse background has allowed him the ability to engage a global community in a more effective manner; he understands the sensitivity and the idiosyncrasy of multiculturalism.

The GOP has minimized the magnitude of President Obama’s decision making and critical thinking skills thru this horrendous recession!!  Each time there was a discussion about the severity of the economic fragility, the GOP surely used the argument of President Obama’s “inexperience” as the reason why things were not 100% back to normal!!  The GOP consistently argues that things have gotten worse or that enough has not been done to recover the economic system!! I would like to know by what time frame will the GOP bring the economic system back to 100% if they are elected and by what means will they utilize to restore the economy??  


The American people need to look for solid ideas on the length of time the GOP plans to bring about the recovery and the method they will use to bring back the economy to 100%!! No more lip service!! Since the GOP has declared that the President has failed at all levels to implement a tangible plan to bring about the rejuvenation of the economy, then I think it is only fair and reasonable for the American people to see bigger ideas, bolder policies and broader plans to fix this so called catastrophe that the President has caused!! Lol--- My guess is that secretly the GOP sees that the economy is recovering well and they want to capitalize on what is already in progress and take credit for the serious hard work the president has done to get the economy where it is today!!! They want to be the pretenders of success!!!  


Romney wants to be President so bad because he knows that the economy is improving and he wants to look like the economic HERO!!  If the GOP can take credit for the improving economy, then they can convince the American people that President Obama was a failure and they are the saviors of America!! HINT that is why they are crying LOUD against the Obama administration touting his successes. Each time he goes to a fundraiser, or puts out a positive message about his accomplishments, the GOP cries that President Obama is campaigning instead of Governing!! Like DUH?? Really??  Like No other president has ever Govern and campaigned simultaneously??  As an added bonus to this discussion President Obama was the first President in America History to speak at the United Kingdom in WESTMINSTER before the Parliament; no other US President has ever spoken in Westminster!! That speaks Volumes for President Obama!!


He is greeted with such admiration in many countries (No!!!!--- it is not cultic as many want to believe!!), without  numerous protestors as previous presidents (I am sure some happens but not nearly as it did with President Bush).  Our president is beloved in many parts of the world but he is constantly scrutinized harshly by his own people here in America!!--- I hope his administration keeps touting his successes even as his opponents bring up the many negatives!!  

Darling, I am so glad you joined our forum.  Your optimistic posts are so refreshing!  I often find myself just lurking here as you often say what I'd like to say, and I seem to have a habit of killing posts.

awww  minngirl thanks for your gracious comment. I am an avid Obama supporter and I like to disclose my perceptions of  the reactions and responses that people and the media have of the President.  I draw my conclusions from all the voices in the public. You said you often have the habit of killing posts??? I am clueless, sorry I don't know what you mean by that comment?? lol--- I hope many other lurkers share your sentiment of my postings lol. thanks! 

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