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Convention Confusion

The Democratic Convention is looking to be verrry interesting this year.

Consider this: the Obama campaign projection is that, at the time of the convention, including pledged Superdelegates and state-designated delegates, Obama will have 1,647 and Clinton 1,580.

Now the numbers themselves aren't important. Just look at the difference. Obama's projecting less than 100 delegates separating him from Clinton. Of course, he could be wrong. So, let's say he's off by even two hundred.

Pennsylvania administrator

Hello Republicans of Pennsylvania, After several days of discussion with John Martin and a good deal of personal decision making, I've agreed to be an administrator for the Pennsylvania Republicans for Obama and do whatever I can to be of assistance in this remarkable election which is now upon us. I'm a former Republican member of the Pa. Legislature (a long time ago) and have worked as a Congressional Chief for a Republican Congressman.

Why Obama?

Hello, all.  My name is  Heather and I am a Republican in here in Birmingham, Alabama supporting this movement for change in Washington.  I've only seen one candidate that can bring that change to fruition and let me tell you I was shocked to find him on the Democratic Ticket.  So below is a story I posted on my personal page to tell my friends and neighbors why I am voting for Barack Obama, and why I hope they will to.

Super Saturday

So Obama sweeps the three states today - Nebraska, Washington, and Lousiana. This was not a surprise: it was anticipated he would win all three. But he is also polling well ahead in the Feb 12th states - Maryland, Virginia, and DC. If he were to sweep those as well, he'd have great momentum heading into delegate-heavy Ohio and Texas, where he is currently considered a long shot. Of course, he's been a long shot all along, but you'd never know it by looking at the delegate count!!


Press Release 02.08.2008

February 8, 2008



Rudy and Fred

I love Obama, and he's my 1st choice for sure.

However, to see my old party the GRAND OLD PARTY having such a struggle within their ranks, it does make me a little sad. I wonder, with the trashing McCain is taking from Rush and Hanity and the ugly skinny chick that never spoke for me~Ann last names starts with a C but i can't remember it...hummmm~ with the trashing he is taking, if Rudy or Fred wished they had made some different choices.

1) Fred maybe should have started a little sooner....he relied on his popularity maybe too much.

Holy moly! That's a lot of dough.

Reports this morning are that Obama has raised over seven million dollars in the last thirty-six hours alone. This comes the day after several reports suggest Hillary may be short on cash.  Wow.



FACEBOOK~Republican's for Obama

Ok, I searched for a FACEBOOK GROUP Republicans for Obama. Found one, but it didn't have the same mission statement that this website has. SO, I'd like anyone who'd like to join the FACEBOOK GROUP for this website to go to 

Hillary pulls a Romney

Taking a page from Mitt's playbook, Senator Clinton donated $5 million to her campaign today. Is it possible she's short on money?

Welcome Iowa R.F.O. Supporters

This is an amazing time in history!

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