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Among all the victories on Super Tuesday, Missouri was huge. That state traditionally picks the winner on the Democratic side. On Morning Joe today, they said that of the voters in California that decided in the last three days, most went to Obama. I think Obama has all the MO going forward!

West Virginia

CNN is indicating that Romney finished well ahead in the first round of West Virginia's convention, which closed a little over an hour ago.

Mitt Romney: 40.9 percent of the vote

Mike Huckabee: 33.1 percent

John McCain: 15.5 percent

Ron Paul: 10.4 percent (eliminated)

Obama...Yes., Moral Issues, and Reagan

I read the editorial from the Republican entitled "Should We Vote Obama 08? No," and the blog concerning moral issues of abortion and gay marriage. This is my simple response to the abortion issue:

"Digg"ing Obama is getting a lot of activity on today. There are a lot of positive comments left, but of course negative ones, too. There's a repeated accusation that "anyone Republican who supports Obama is not really a Republican." Here is my response:


As I stood in line, here in Denver, with the more than 12,000 people waiting to see Obama, most of them Democrats, I realized how important our voice, Republicans for Obama really is. As I listened to Caroline Kennedy's brief, but eloquent introduction, I could see the parallels to her father. I have had many skeptics ask me if Obama really can change Washington?

Republican Obama supporters in the news

Two pieces out today on the role Republicans are playing in Obama's campaign: A short article in Newsweek by Richard Wolffe, and a column in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review by Salen

Talking points

The Maryland group leader has posted a question. I'm going to paste it below. What do you think? How can we talk to Republican friends about Obama, in terms that Republicans respect?


"We in the MD R.F.O. (Mench and I) was thinking about how to capture the vision of Senator Obama from a Republican point of view and we came up with three central ideas:

Fun with funds

The fourth quarter fundraising reports were filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) yesterday. The numbers are surprising.


Over the course of the year, both Hillary and Barack raised over $100m, with Hillary coming in slightly ahead at $118m ($10m of which was leftover from Senate campaign funds). Senator Obama raised nearly $104m in 2007. In the fourth quarter, Senator Clinton raised $26.8, besting Obama by 4 million.


Two huge endorsements for McCain: Giuliani, who officially dropped out of the race, and Ahnold, the Governator of California. Do people pay attention to endorsements anymore? I didn't think so, but the Crist endorsement seemed to make a big difference for McCain in Florida, and there's an awful lot of buzz about Ted and Caroline endorsing Obama. I thought NOW's reaction to the Kennedy endorsement of Obama was awfully funny:

McCain or Romney?

Which do you hope will win the GOP?

Me, I'm hoping for McCain. If it were to come down to McCain v. Obama, I'd be happy with either one as president. Romney is positioning himself to be the new improved Bush, but I don't think most of us feel like we need another Bush.

I wonder how much longer Huckabee will stick around. He's projected to pick up several southern states, but not be a real contender for the nomination. He may be hoping for a VP nod.

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