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Is it about race?

Commentary in Slate regarding our national "obsession" with Obama's race.

Interesting as I don't think I've heard anyone mention Obama's race in months now.



Is Obama the new Reagan?

Article from the London Times says he has the potential to do for the Democrats what Reagan did for the Republicans.

Reagan won a national victory on the strength of “Reagan Democrats”. Obama could win with “Obama Republicans”. That’s remarkable in itself. When you realise he’s also a liberal urban black man whose middle name is Hussein, it’s gob-smacking.

Looking to New Hampshire

So, to exaggerate a little, Obama cleaned up in Iowa. But what's that mean for the rest of the primary season? Is this a one-time only win? How does the New Hampshire race shape up?

He did it!!

Just two months ago, a Clinton landside was a foregone conclusion. But Obama has come back to win Iowa by eight points over Clinton and Edwards, who finished in a near tie for second. There are so many great articles out there on what happened Thursday. I like this summary from HorseRaceBlog. Of note: on the GOP side, author Jay Cost predicts the future for both Romney and Thompson is bleak.

How did Obama win?

Obama's wave

Nice article from Real Clear Politics on the Obama surge.  He discusses exactly why Hillary has peaked, and why he thinks Obama will continue to gain ground.

Final Debate

Today was the final debate for the Democratic primary candidates. The event was hosted by the Des Moines Register and video of the debate is available on their website.

Attacking Obama's Past

Interesting remarks today from a senior Clinton aide regarding Barack's history of drug use - a history Obama has been candid about from the start. The Clinton camp is now in damage control mode, trying to make clear that the aide was not authorized to make these comments publicly.

Faith and Politics

1. Romney

So, unless you're hiding from politics, you know the big news today is Romney's speech about faith and politics. Now, ostensibly, he was trying to allay the concerns that some evangelical Christian Republicans have regarding a candidate of the LDS faith. Romney, though, only mentioned his particulary religion once explicitly and once again indirectly.

Hillary v. Obama: Health Care

Hillary likes to play a little holier-than-thou on the issue of health care reform, as she suffered a very public and monumental failure for the sake of the cause a decade ago. She especially likes to point out weaknesses in Obama's plan without discussing the specifics of her own.

Changing of the Guard

Big news this week in Iowa. After weeks and weeks of double digit leads on both the red and blue ticket, there's been a change at the top.

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