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MSNBC September debate

Just finished watching the MSNBC democratic debate.

Hillary clearly knows she's the frontrunner and acts the part. She nearly moderated the debate herself, interrupting Tim Russert and redefining questions as she wished. Perhaps this kind of behavior will turn off some voters, but for now she's polling far ahead of Obama and Edwards.

Obama turned in another strong overall performance, and he ably handled a potentially awkward question about his smoking habit.

If you missed the debate you can see clips on

Enter Thompson

Rasmussen Reports shows Thompson picking up the lead in GOP polling now that he's formally entered the race. From the RealClearPolitics trend it looks like Thompson support has risen at the expense of Romney and Giuliani.

Oprah and Obama

Oprah has made her support for Obama public for a long time now. But over the weekend she took it to another level by doing something she's never done before. She hosted a political fundraiser at her home. She's also announced that the Obamas are the only political family she'll have as guests on her show this year.

Can he do it?

With three-four months left 'til the primaries, Clinton is looking like a lock to win the Dem nomination.

Although Iowa is close, nationally she's 18-20 points ahead of Obama, and her lead has been steadily increasing for months. You can see the trend at RealClearPolitics.

So the question is, what can Obama do to gain that much ground in only a few months? Can he really take down the Clinton political machine? 

"Broker and more broker"

So the DNC has threatened to reject Florida's delegates if the state does not reverse its decision to move its primary up to January 29th. But the Republican-controlled state legislature refuses to back down on its decision.

Got that? That means a significant aspect of the Democratic primary and presidential convention lies in the hands of a bunch of GOPs.

well, duh

So as part of his farewell process, Rove offers the Dems a caveat regarding Clinton: she's unelectable. Sure, she can pull off the primary. She's always maintained a double-digit lead and she's pulling away from the others.

But Karl points out that there's a "fatal flaw" in her campaign for the presidency itself: half the country hates her. Current Gallup numbers show 49% of the public dislikes Senator Clinton. That's quite a hurdle to overcome in the race for the executive office.

Dinner with Barack

The table has been set for the second Dinner with Barack.

While a typical political dinner these days consists of officials being wined and dined by Washington lobbyists and bigwigs from special-interest PACs, Barack will be sitting down with four regular people from across the country who will share their stories and discuss the issues that matter most to them.

Read about Barack's guests and submit a question you'd like them to ask:

Obama surges in latest polls.

The 2008 election seems like a long way off. Like many of you I naturally feel removed from the Democratic party process. Once again, we are reminded why we are Republicans, when the Democrats favor yet another party demagogue. Senator Obama is behind in the polls. The establishment in the Democratic Party believes Hillary is their best bet. Even though we all know she will only divide this country further. They want to reward her for years of fierce political battles for the Democratic Party. Can this Nation really afford another 4 years of political gridlock?

Debate thoughts

Anybody have any thoughts on yesterday's debate?

Although the format was innovative, the candidates mostly repeated the platforms and rhetoric we've already heard.

Obama slipped into his "I'm from the south" accent, which he does occasionally. It cracks me up. 

Obama and Hillary both did well with a couple of awkward, pointed questions. Obama also managed to have some fun with a couple of questions.

Obama vs. Romney

So, you may have heard about Romney's criticism of Obama's sex-ed stance.

For the record, I wanted to post videos of both candidates' actual statements.

1. Obama, courtesy ABCNews:

2. Romney, courtesy YouTube:


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