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Is conviction outdated?

Sad commentary on the state of the party and of American politics in general.

The author suggests that McCain has rendered himself irrelevant by sticking to his principles.

"But the biggest problem that Mr. McCain has is not even his lack of money or his support of the president's unappealing policies.

Fundraising thoughts

So, I've been out of town for two weeks and made it back just in time for 2nd quarter fundraising reports.

Here's just a couple of things that stand out on the GOP side:

Why it matters

So, I was discussing Cheney today. You know, the one who's trying to claim he's part of the legislative branch of the government so he won't have to comply with an order to turn over documents.

Well, I was discussing this matter with a fellow Republican who said, "Honestly, I just don't care. It's not a big deal."

As if there weren't enough

reasons to prefer Obama, Hillary has selected Celine Dion for her campaign music.

What kind of person would choose Celine over U2 and Smash Mouth??


Responding to Tom, II

So, I sent an email to Tom Bevan regarding his recent blog about Republican support for Obama. Here is the text of that email:

Thanks for your recent discussions of the phenomenon known as Republicans for Obama. We at RFO found your analyses to be refreshingly accurate and a nice change from the hyped "look at all the GOPs flocking to Obama" approach.

To answer your question,

Responding to Tom

Tom Bevan recently wrote a critical analysis of the bipartisan support for Obama. Since he discussed the RFO organization, I'd like to address his points.


Bevan's first point, there may be a few Republicans supportig Obama, but not a significant movement:

"But according the web site's own statistics, RFO has chapters in 11 states with 74 total subscribers - including only five in Illinois. That would hardly seem to qualify as a 'phenomenon.' "

Turning their Baracks...

The New York Post recently ran an article on cross-party support for Obama. We certainly appreciate Ms. Callahan taking the time to research the matter and include our site in her article.

There were a couple of points, though, that I want to address.

Check out this quote (emphasis added):

Debate II


Obama kicked ass: composed, intelligent, articulate, consistent...without seeming too rehearsed. But he's starting to face tough questions about how much all his proposals will cost...I see the taxation issue becoming the big obstacle for him in the long run.

Clinton seems satisfied to step back and decline to go on the offensive. I wonder if she assumes herself to be the heir apparent at this point. She and Obama seemed quite congenial at the debate...almost seemed to be working together.

Debate tomorrow

JFYI, Next Dem debate is tomorrow, 6/3, at 7 Eastern on CNN. Republicans are Tuesday, same time, same station.

The "View" from Here

Monday is Rosie O'Donnell's last day on The View. She's leaving after months of feuding over the war. Now I don't care if you side with Rosie or if you prefer Elisabeth. I've never even seen The View. So here's my point:

As I sat at a stoplight yesterday, I found myself staring at a faded United We Stand bumper sticker. Do you remember how united we once were? And how the world promised to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with us?

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