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Issues and Ideas

Few things grate on me more then when a presidential candidate gets on the stump and discusses where he or she now stands on an issue, or talks about his or her latest clever idea to tackle a national problem. After a while you realize that most candidates don’t really stand for anything, other than to just get themselves elected. After a while you get sick of the cutesy ideas that get thrown around every four years, and just want someone who can get the job done.

McCain Grasping at Straws

A New York Post article by Charles Hunt, written on May 26, 2007 states that Senator McCain blasted Senator Obama as a "Dope headed dove, ready to surrender to AL-Qaeda, and waving a white flag by voting late Thursday against funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A McCain staffer told that "Obama wouldn't know the difference between an RPG and a bong," a reference to a rocket-propelled grenade and Obama's admitted past drug use.

Red State Poll

Well, we have an early poll from my little red state.

Among Democratic voters, Hillary and Edwards are tied with 29% of respondents' support. Obama is at 13%.

Republican voters: Giuliani at 32%, McCain at 23%, and Thompson at 15%.

49%, both parties combined, still approve of President Bush.

I knew Obama would have a tough time out here, but I suppose he's still largely unknown. I wonder how other red states are shaping up.

Why not Romney?

As I mentioned last week, a lot of our hate mail comes down to "How can any serious Republican support a Communist jackass like Obama?!? What's wrong with <insert Republican candidate here>, anyway??"

Last week I posted an analysis of Giuliani. This week I'm taking on Romney. Here's my analysis of Romney and his viability as a potential nominee:


The GOPs will consider going with Romney because of his:

More fun with Romney

If you missed the latest debate last night, you can watch the clips at FoxNews.

I've gotta give Romney credit: he sure came up with a way to separate himself from the crowd. Get this. When asked a question about an attack on American soil, his response included a plan to double the Guantanamo Bay detainee facility:

Mitt Romney Doesn't Support the 2nd Amendment

As he's done with his views on abortion and gay marriage, Mitt Romney has made a 180 turn and now says that he supports the right to bear arms. Last month he told us "I've been a hunter pretty much all my life." We then found out that he had gone hunting once when he was 15 and then again last year with some other Republican Governors, and that's pretty much it. He additionally claimed to have hunted small game "numerous times," but is unable to say anything about what gun he used, when he hunted, or with whom he went hunting.

Candidates and Wealth

So Romney is expected to report a net worth of $200 million or more. You got that?? That's a two followed by eight - count them - eight zeroes! Holy cow. Now there's something to be said for a self-made millionaire, but Romney got a head start from his dad, who was president of the American Motors Corporation.

Abortion and the GOP candidates

Yesterday news broke that the Giulianis had donated $900 to their local planned parenthood. This was particular damaging as it came right on the heels of Giuliani's statement, "I hate abortion," and his insistence that he is personally pro-life.

Well, today news breaks that the Romneys donated to Planned Parenthood back in 1984. Romney is already known as a flip-flopper on this issue, and I'm not sure how much this hurts him.

Why not Giuliani?

Here at RFO, we get a lot of very pointed mails and posts. About half of them boil down to something along the lines of "Forget that ultra-liberal commie dork Obama. Why don't you support <insert candidate here>?!" So in my next several blogs I'm going to attempt to summarize my thoughts regarding the GOP front-runners. Today I'll start with Giuliani.

Barack Obama is not a Muslim

Barack Obama is not a Muslim

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